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We all know the wonderfully quaint habits about Cav that we all treasure,

Wearing shoes with lightweight trousers.

Collars and ties with Coveralls

Not in any way looking like a grunt/or Air corps

Thunderbird hats where appropiate

coloured pullovers

Has anyone spotted the PBI or Remfs trying to copy Cavalry in there dress or manners.

I spotted a crab in the Falklands who seemed to think he was in a Cav ofs mess......Red cords blue white stripe shirt, Bow tie Yellow pola dot and remainder tweedy........thing is no personality, it appeared he really was colour blind and as we all know it takes years of training to mix colours like that! anyone senn ri raf playing cav........................?  
There are plenty of wannabes in the RAF Regt.  They all go into Bury St Edmunds to some shop that sells this sort of kit.  FRDJ is bang on - no personality!  

But shoes with Lt Wts (which I am wearing as I type) seems to be catching on all over.  Saw loggies and bleeps both doing it recently.  Although no one can better a certain ex Cav 2ic who wears shirt and tie under CS 95 shirt!


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Shop is called Bunters or something similar, now shirt and tie with cs95.........now that is style! anyone got any better ones that all who are cav can copy?


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I have a few friends in one of the Corps' who, instead of dressing up like Dame Edna as per Bootie standards, actually get into red drainpipe moleskins (at half mast), old and worn Chelsea Boots, Bengal striped shirts and very poor taste, yet astonishingly expensive knitted silk ties.  They then wear a beavy woolen blazer, a-la Sandha'st, with amazingly well polished brass buttons, wax their hair into fantastic just-got-out-of-bed-'styles' and stand around in bars looking very nice but vacant!

Best Cav bashing I've seen for ages.  You can't tell the difference apart from the fact that when asked, they can talk very convincingly about the day their parents met and fell in love.  Unlike the Cav who have parents from the same grandmother..........
FRDJ - I think it is called Trotter and Dean.

CGS - Which Corps?  I can think of Sappers, Sigs, Scribblies, Medics and Loggies who I have seen dressed like this.


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But it isn't original, like wearing puttees with Hi leg boots or a tie and collar with combats in NI complete with Gold Collar pin!

Or plus fours, cricket sweater and blazer
medic officer and QA officers have taken to wearing lightweights and shoes, looks arrse, also medic (cherry) and dental (green) WOs and officers can wear coloured jumpers, i dont though cos you have to buy them yourself (mess dress yes, wooly pully no)

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