Ried wants to Intern suspects

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Aug 20, 2006.

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  1. Yeah but the strange thing I find is that people on ARSSE are always screaming 'foul' regarding this supposedly communist/socialist government. But it seems to me that Blair's political beliefs are more closely aligned with the US Neocons who are hideously right-wing. So does that mean he's a right-wing fascists or that they are left wing communists? After all, extremities in policy, regardless of left/right winglead to a totalitarian political environment.

    Personally, I don't think our government is left wing at all. Their policies are all over the shop - their increased laws and increased taxes smack of socialism, their advocacy of liberal rights is entirely due to them all being lawyers and having lawyer pals, while their place on the international stage is blatantly neo-conservative. It's almost as bad as the shaved chimp "battling against the forces of evil" like he thinks he's batman

    Blair has to go.
  2. Opertaion Demetrius springs to mind when the word internment is mentioned.

    That operation was botched in practically every respect one can think of.!

    God help Labour if they try to pull that stunt.
  3. is it me, or do the 'cheeses' of the labour party not get the principles of a "free democracy" at all?

    When does the legislation requiring us to salute "The supreme overlord, Tony Blair" every evening, come in to effect?

  4. Ssssshhhhhhhh........they're tapping us as we're tapping the keyboard. I wouldn't rule it out. Fanaticism loves all that worshipping individuals - look at the islamic states and pictures of ayatollah/saddam/arafat/nasrullah. Can you see it with King (Emperor?) Anthony the First?
  5. The Thought Police will be around to bundle you four into the back of transit van for "re-eductation" while wearing a very fashionable orange boiler suits.

    Is it just Muslims who will be interned or will any one who does not toe the party line be counted as being subversive and threat to this once great nation?
  6. And..... If it comes to pass will you take to the streets and "bay for blood"?

    Or crack a beer, fire up the PC, tune in to Planet ARRSE and tell everyone that you think Tony is a cnut too....again?

    We have nobody but ourselves to blame.....
  7. I think it was Saddam who had an enormous ceremonial arch / entrance with crossed sabres.

    It's just an idea, but Tony Blair could have a similar monument with a statue of Tony crouching at each end, and enormous Pinnochio noses reaching skywards and crossing in the middle.
  8. Internment? Sounds horribly similar to NI in the early 70's. It was badly mismanaged and was a major factor in fanning the flames at the time.

    This has the potential to go horribly wrong if they do decide to go ahead with it. Internment would only serve to increase the sense of isolation and alienation amongst the UK's muslim population. Not only that, but it wolud almost certainly be struck down as illegal or contrary to the Human Rights Act by the Courts either here or in Europe.
  9. Correct, as I mentioned above with Operation Demetrius.
  10. So when it comes to unrestrained immigration our hands are tied by European Human Rights Acts and the UN Conventions, so sorry, nothing can be done. But when it comes to introducing draconian laws that are as bad as those of every totalitarian regime in history it's as easy as ....