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Ridley Scott to remake The A-Team

Oh dear,meddling with the 'classics' again,did'nt Hollywood learn from destroying 'Starskey & Hutch,Kojak & Dukes of Hazzard'?


Director Ridley Scott has signed up to produce the big screen remake of 1980s TV show The A-Team, according to industry paper Variety.

The film, due out in 2010, will be updated so that the army veterans will have fought in the Middle East and not in Vietnam, Variety adds.

It says Joe Carnahan will direct and hopes to make a "popcorn movie" that "reflects on the real world".

The cult TV show starred George Peppard as Hannibal and Mr T as BA Baracus.

Dirk Benedict, as Face, and Dwight Schultz, as Murdoch, completed the quartet of mercenaries "accused of a crime they didn't commit".

Carnahan said 20th Century Fox had asked him "to make it as emotional, real and accessible as possible without cheesing it up", Variety added.

Actors including Bruce Willis and Ice Cube have been rumoured to be on board but no names have been confirmed.


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I quite enjoye the Starsky and Hutch remake, it was done very tongue in cheek and didn't take itself seriously. And I thought the original was pretty crap anyway.
I'm waiting for a re-make of that realistic ITV series "Soldier Soldier". The most true to life programme ever made about life in an infantry regiment.
Leave the A team alone I say!

BTW what were the gats they used? Were they a made up weapon or as a colleague suggested a sort of cut down M14?

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