Ridley Scott to remake The A-Team

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    Oh dear,meddling with the 'classics' again,did'nt Hollywood learn from destroying 'Starskey & Hutch,Kojak & Dukes of Hazzard'?


  2. Remakes have now officially no limits. I'm just waiting for Frank Miller's version of 'Zulu' now.
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    I quite enjoye the Starsky and Hutch remake, it was done very tongue in cheek and didn't take itself seriously. And I thought the original was pretty crap anyway.
  4. I'm waiting for a re-make of that realistic ITV series "Soldier Soldier". The most true to life programme ever made about life in an infantry regiment.
  5. Will Baron James Shortt be playing a role as a Colonel ? :lol:
  6. Leave the A team alone I say!

    BTW what were the gats they used? Were they a made up weapon or as a colleague suggested a sort of cut down M14?
  7. Spike Lee´s version would be better :D
  8. I hope you're not being sarcastic... :wink:
  9. [Anorak] Ruger Mini 14, IIRC [\anorak]

  10. Thanks Archimedes, you have settled (dons Anorak) a 25 year long mystery for me :oops:
  11. steve bushemme for murdoch...
  12. Spearhead was better anyway!
  13. Ruger AC556K assault rifle