Riding the bike on canal towpaths

In the centre of Glasgow the canal towpaths are loaded with metal gates and dog walkers, plus obviously they are nearly perfectly flat, so I thought they'd be pretty poor training. However, coming back in from Kirkintilloch yesterday on my mountain bike (about 11k) I thought I'd try the towpath to get away from the bank holiday cars. It was the kit - apart from a couple of gates and one speed bump under a bridge (ooo yah), it was water on one side, trees all around, and because it's flat you can pick a gear and settle into a gasping rhythmn - it actually makes it harder to slacken off. I only saw about a dozen people, there wasn't any broken glass I could see...Could be the way forward for training on the bike.

You can't be too enthusiastic going under the bridges, though, or you could end up in the water, and you wouldn't want to meet your alter ego coming the other way, but a lot better than being in amongst the cars.
I live at the side of that canal and would recommend it to anyone with a couple of exceptions not in the evening or on sunny weekend as the local youths can get a bit Buckied up and even the hardest squaddie would take his life in his hands telling them to shift.

And be aware of those little scooter things the tow path can be a bit like the M8 in rush hour with the noisy little gits. That said it is a great cycle ride all the way through to the bonnie, bonnie banks.

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