Ridiculously early annual reports

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by skintboymike, Aug 7, 2008.

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  1. I have just been informed by my boss that, due to our OC leaving Oct/Nov, all Cpl's annual reports will be written before he leaves. The board doesn't sit until June, meaning our reports will be 7-8 months early (we only had our mid years today, ffs). I thought the normal procedure would be for the outgoing OC to write an insert slip for the new OC to add towards our reports, but hey, what do I know? Has anyone else ever been in this boat? If so, what did you do about it? (Apart from staying in the same rank another year ;) )
  2. Could work both ways? Wrong though.
  3. Shouldn't make a difference that the OC is going, as surely he only does Part 1 for NCOs?
  4. I thought the rule now was that reports could only be advanced or delayed by 1 month, or in extremis, 2 months.
  5. I would hazard a guess that he is getting his handover all together for his successor, so that whoever it is can use those reports as a guide etc. Standard practice really, nothing to worry about unless you have issues with the outgoing OC?
  6. No none at all, he's a sound bloke really. I just got the impression that his departure is taking precedence over his troops' careers. As long as it's just an insert slip though, we'll be fine.

    One other thought which came to me - if this really is my annual report, does that mean my next reporting period will be 18 months long? :D
  7. how the fuck do you work that out? because he is taking the trouble to write your reports before he leaves?

    what more do you want him to do? come back next year and write them? :)
  8. With the farce that is 'SJAR', just be thankful you are getting a report at all!! :D

    Reports can be brought forward and delayed by a surprising amount after consultation with APC. With a board sitting in Jun, the reports would probably have been written a good few months before that (in order for your MCM Div to get its ducks in a row) so it is probably only going to be a couple of months early which is nothing in the wider scheme of things.
  9. My thoughts exactly. He's doing his best to look after your career, not damage it. If you are genuinely concerned, ask your immediate boss if he could clarify the nature of the reports the OC has asked for. My betting is that it will be notes for his successor rather than an annual report - although the OC might have asked for this format to be used, which may have caused the confusion.
  10. Like I said, as long as it's just an insert slip then there's nothing to worry about, and if this is indeed the case then I'm chuffed he's bothered at all. Wouldn't you worry though, if you'd been told your annual report would be finalised 6 months before it should be?
  11. nope. i had that last year and it was brilliant. i was quite upset when the CO insisted it was re-written closer to the time.
  12. Have you upset the outgoing fella, and you're hoping that you'll get on better with the new one?
  13. The main thing I was worried about was the fact that I've got a whole host of courses, detachments, etc coming up soon, but if our final reports are written before I get a chance to complete them then my report is going to look pretty bare this year. One of the other lads in the troop is concerned that, due to having a fairly derogatory mid year, he won't have time to rectify his shortcomings before judgement is passed.
  14. A CR can always be redressed if you're not happy with it. Things can be added if necessary.

    Read it, as always, and if stuff's not on there then mention it.

    I used to always right my own CR, like a mock up, and give it to my boss before hand. It then gives him something to go on, and you a chance to put things down that you've done that he may forget.
  15. Good idea that. I've always written down my achievements for the reporting year, but never went as far as to give them to my boss. Hell, I'll just give it to him on a memory stick, save him the bother of typing one altogether :)