Ridiculous old official names for kit

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by stoatman, Mar 10, 2005.

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  1. Just wondering if anyone can beat "Straps, parachutists for the use of", and "Rifle, .303", Short, Magazine, Lee-Enfield" for long winded and contorted kit names???
  2. Where did you get "Straps, parachutists for the use of" from?
  3. A set of parachute straps? Wah!
  4. C*ck, Regimental Quartermaster-Sergeant's, Wife, Regimental Quartermaster-Sergeant's, for the use of ?

    Not sure of the NATO number for this item though..
  5. Pots chamber rubber lunatic officers
    stools wooden headed sgts three legged
  6. Buttons Insignia Brass, 19** 30Ligne, Eyelet Shank, *

    * - insert Corps, Regt

    ** insert year
  7. 'Carrying Straps, personal equipment, parachutist' (CSPEP) were just coming in when I learned to parachute, replacing something with an even snappier designation that I can't remember now.
  8. Complete Schedule,Parachutist Equipment Pack(or so the label on the kit says)
  9. There's a bit of the rarden called:

    The ram catch cam release cam catch.

    or something like that anyway - it's been a while......

    I'm sure a helpful IG can help us out.
  10. BK!

    BK! Old-Salt

    Dog Officer's 1 (labrador)

    Forks (garden)
    Forks (kitchen) next to each other in the inventory
  11. Strap utility - when I returned from a Fd Hosp ex I was pursued by one of the QMs Cpls with all sorts of threats of bills unless I returned the above item, with which I had apparently been issued 2. I had no idea what it was - turned out to be a bungee!

    Forceps, bone-holding
    Forceps, bone-crushing
    Saw, amputation (folding)
    All of which were part of Medical Equipment Set, Motor Ambulance & Marine Craft (RAF), Box no 2., which were still in use up to the late 70s.
  12. I thought my version was too simple to be true.

    And LostBoss has put me in mind of the part on the Bren called the barrel locking nut retainer plunger, which I think is pretty good.
  13. Otherwise known as the bit that makes you go OH F*CK,ME FECKING FINGERSSS!!!!!!!!!!! :cry:
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Ahh rammer rash the mark of an armoured recce man!
  15. Swearing, soldiers for the use of,

    Often used in liberal quantities by almost everyone these days.

    Army Form Blank : Toilet paper !