Ridiculous Beret of The Year Competition

The annual Ridiculous Beret of The Year 2010 Competition is now drawing to a conclusion. The competition has been running since 1962 and is normally won by The Parachute Regiment. However, this year sees competitors from: The Rifles, PWRR and the RAMC.

Competitors are requested to submit a photo of their creation to ARRSE with a cheque for £10 made payable to: HELP FOR HEROES before 1 Dec 10.

This year there is strong competition and standards are exceptionally low.

Entrants should look at the offering by LCpl Ryan Libby of 2 PARA with his ridiculous creation on page 106 of SOLDIER MAGAZINE. Or the other entrant Sgt Mark Blaney (a stretcher bearer for the Parachute Regiment) featured on the same page with his strangely shaped piece.

Likely winners will have the cap badge over (or behind) the left ear and have the beret shaped like a flattened Cornish Pasty, just like Ryan's.

Good luck!

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