Ridiculous ammo prices

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by stoatman, May 21, 2010.

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  1. Pretty much all of the European-made standard grade .22 LR around here at the moment is running at 10 eurocents a bang, shockingly enough.

    It's got to the point where I can reload .223 Remington with a cast bullet for less!

    Even looking at components from some of the major German mail-order businesses, prvi FMJ is almost as expensive as Sierra match Kings from my preferred Italian supplier!

  2. Still getting Winnie subs for £3.25 per 50 here at the moment and Eley subs are £4.50.
  3. Nice & cheap when yo poppin capz in some ho's ass, 5A ;)
  4. I can get SK standard for 2/3 of that (450 Dkr for 1000). Mind you 9mm has just gone up by about 7%, so I presume that .22 will do the same.
  5. Dey da bidness fo' sho' brudda!
  6. what is causing these huge rises in ammo prices?

    I have been told the following are to blame,

    Usage of munitions in combat zones, metal prices, reduction in supply, increasing legislation and the black hole of the US demand for ammo
  7. Hmm, try .338LM ammo for price! :frustrated:
  8. Don't forget the side on weapon approach, works faster with gravity.

    Oh an remember cool threads from bad shops are much better at stopping caps than any of that CBA crap.
  9. On a related note, what is the best price that anyone has on rifle powder for 303 / 308 loads? I recall Vectan was cheap a while back but I'm thinking some bulk deal. Might combine it with the suggestions for bulk reloading mentioned the other week.

    I love Viht powders but not the price.
  10. Well I suppose at least some of the guys posting on here won't be buying their own :)
  11. The novelty of being paid to go shooting is still quite entertaining! :)
  12. Its a thing you take for granted until its gone. Ah well, I did enjoy sending someone else's taxes downrange.
  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Winnie ammo is by far the most popliarr if it's S/S HP for consistancy and price, followed by others such as the RWS, Eley etc.

    The trouble is, it's a victim of its own success. At time of writing, the importer's got none, and nor have most suppliers, me included. I've got 45k on back-order though. :D

    A point to note about the increase in ammo prices: Firstly, most people shoot either Norma or Federal. Federal has gone through the roof, and Norma has followed closely behind. Availability has been a problem for the Federal Power-Shok too.

    The price is partly to do with the £ crashing a while back, increasing all import prices by, on average, 20%, and that hasn't gone back down in 2 years. The supply issue is partly down to Federal being a US DoD manufacturer, and not being able to kkep up with both courts - commercial and military. I understand that production has been ramped up though.

    The good news is that, despite the £ crashing against the Euro too, we can get Privi ammo, which is perfectly acceptable stuff, DIRT cheap! :D Around 50p per round or less.
  14. What about Magtech? What kind of prices is it going for now?
  15. Obviously a use of the term "dirt cheap" with which I am not familiar. :?

    Last year I bought PP .303 for £43/100 from my favourite supplier. He is now quoting £57/100. Henry Krank (the importer) is quoting 52.10/100. Eighteen month ago I was paying £35/100 from the NRA Armoury.