Ride To The Wall - Saturday October 2nd. 2010.

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Harleypara, Sep 7, 2010.

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  1. Hi Guys,
    Just a quick reminder with reference to 'The Ride To The Wall' as I can't see it on any other posts on here
    as the title states it's :
    SATURDAY 2nd. OCTOBER 2010 you will have to register to take part in the ride, check out the website for further information at : RTTW - Ride to the Wall
  2. Are any arrsers going on this or could anyone who has in the past please give us a heads up?

    oh and bump why not?
  3. I'm going. Registered on the site a few months ago. I dont know any details for the route at this moment,but will be prepping from this weekend.
  4. Grabbed myself a pillion, registered and heading down from Catterick early Sat morning
  5. Went last year without registering. Registered on the day quickly efficiently with no trouble at all. Brilliant day.
    By the way. Any bikers out there know of ANYONE who could supply me with an accelerator cable for an autorickshaw (tuk tuk)? Too late to get one from India. Any trike owners could help out? Even to custom make one for me, shouldn't be too difficult, as they really are just,er, accelerator cables! If I can't get one, no RTTW for me. Gutted!!
  6. Ha ha...managed to bodge me throttle cable, we're back on the road!! You won't be able to miss me, pootling along in me tuk tuk at top speed of 30mph. Give me a wave as you go past!
    Although Harleypara states you have to pre-register, you can do it on the day according to the website. I rocked up last year and registered on the day - took about 2 mins. Arrsers don't be afraid to come and say hello, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity to take the pi$$ out of a copper with an admittedly ridiculous machine. At least I live 5 mins drive away!!!
  7. Weather is pretty manky M_P, any chance of it brightening up for tomorrow?
  8. Apparently it's going to be nice and dry. You would have to go some to beat last year; it was outstanding.

    It's only rain anyway...
  9. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Was a great day. Mrs BA and I were Tail End Charlies and watched all 15,000 participants leave before us. Took about 21/2 hours. I saw the tuk tuk which was among the more remarkable vehicles on the day. Also surprising was the 2* with his 2* plate on his bike.

    There are plenty of photos on the Facebook site.
  10. Another fabulous day. The organisation was superb, almost like the military had organised it, or something...
    This event will go from strength to strength and deservedly so. I seriously can't wait until next year.Glad you liked the tukky, Buggerall. You should have come over for a chat!
  11. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Mrs BA commented that it was bloody sight better organised than the last time she saw so many of HM's finest gathered in one place - The Kuwait Border 2003.

    Here, here! (Insert sound of banging tables and revving engines.)

    Would have done but I only saw your post yesterday.
  12. I must agree with all the above comments, excellent day out. As I was camping was lucky to be in the first 100 on the road and enjoyed seeing all the bikes behind me arrive at the wall. Meeting up with riders from all backgrounds / clubs/ MC’s / MCC’s / RC’s etc coming together for the same cause was wonderful. Must say good effort to the AFSC, great to meet you all.

    For those who want to attend next years event the first planning meeting is in 3 weeks time and registration will open soon after that.

  13. Was a brilliant and humbling event, something I felt honoured to be a part of.

    Some quite good video footage has been posted on Youtubby too.