"Ride of Respect 2011" - Wootton Bassett:Afghan Heros

Got this message on Facebook today :-

Registration for the Ride of Respect will open at 5pm today on the Afghan Heroes Website

The Wootton Basset ride will be limited by numbers, however in addition there will be regional rides, so if you would rather register for a more local ride please choose the appropriate ride (Remembering that the regional rides could save travelling time and thus expenditure). We have kept registration to a £5 donation per participant this will include each and every person, rider or pillion. We will send out commemorative bands for each person to use as their access pass.

You will be asked to provide the following to complete the registration process:

* Choose a ride: Wootton Basset, North, East, South, West or the Midlands.
* Choose the number of people you are registering.
* Name of the person registering the group or the individual.
* Address.
* Postcode.
* Contact No.
* Email address.
* Payments can be made via credit/debit card or PayPal.

Please remember that every person needs to be accounted for as wrist bands will be issued (prior to the ride) per person. Anybody without a qualifying wrist band will be denied access to the muster areas.
I *think* they are aiming for motorcycles, and your horse might not like that ... but, I guess, pay your fiver and you can do what you like.

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