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Ride of Respect 2011 (Mothers Day Bike Ride Wootton Basset)

10,000 UK bikers join forces to make Wootton Bassett the centre of a worldwide “Ride of Respect” for the Charity Afghan Heroes.
Wootton Bassett is to be the centre of a mass Ride of Respect by motorcycle enthusiasts across the UK and around the world to express respect for the servicemen and women – the fighting, the fallen and the injured - who have become known and respected as ‘heros’ throughout the world.
The Ride, on Mothering Sunday, April 3, will see 10,000 bikes and their riders and passengers parade slowly and respectfully through the streets of this small Wiltshire town. The event is being held in aid of Afghan Heroes, a charity established by seven grieving mothers who all lost their sons within a two-day period in 2009.
This is the second ride of its kind. Last year, in a spontaneous, mass response to an idea posted on Facebook 22,000 people on 15,000 motorcycles raised more than £110,000 in a single day as they made their way through the town.
This year’s event is being organised by a team of three motorcycle enthusiasts – grandmothers Julia Stevenson and Anne Cole and motorcycle custom specialist Nick Gale.
Julia, who lives in Dartford and regularly rides her own Harley Davidson is known in the biking community as “The Muvva of All Bikers”.
She said: “When we started to organise last year’s event we never in our wildest dreams imagined that 15,000 bikes would converge on Wootton Bassett. We saw it at that time as a one off event, successful though it was.
“When we learned however that RAF Lyneham is to close and that Wootton would lose its role as the nation’s centre of respect for the fallen we decided to organise one last ride to express our gratitude but to also give it a new national and global dimension.
“The Wootton Bassett ride begins at 10.00 am and so too will many other rides across the UK. We have also been in touch with biking organisations in the US, Canada, Australia and in those European countries whose troops are serving in Afghanistan and they too will begin their own Rides of Respect at 1000 hours UK time. Maybe, just maybe this will become the largest co-ordinated bike ride the world has ever seen.”
The 10,000 bikers expected to take part in this year’s Ride of Respect will gather at a nearby airfield and will ride slowly and respectfully through the town in a series of regular “pulses” throughout the day, designed to make the most of the spectacle but not to interfere unduly with the everyday life of the people of Wootton Bassett. We also have up to 100 injured heroes that have said they would like to take part and are going on the 10.00am ride as pillions with bikers that have offered them a seat in order that they too can say thank you to both Wootton Bassett and RAF Lyneham.
Registration to take part in the Ride costs £10 per person and can be made via and all official merchandise can be purchased via Ride Of Respect.

For those that cannot for any reason, make the Wootton Bassett ride, we have organised Regional Rides throughout the country. Details of these can also be found on Ride Of Respect

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