Ride / Drive of your life ? No not you Meridian & Scaley ;-)

As spring brought out all the guys on the sports bikes at the weekend, and the tax reminder for my RD350LC dropped onto the door mat, I got to thinking about all those memorable rides and indeed drives.

My best ride must be -
Early 80's , younger and about 2 1/2 stone lighter me heading home from south coast on my tuned but standard looking 350LC (sadly not the same one I know own ). One of those rides where everything just clicked , I'm riding quickly but well within my limits , get onto a straight bit of road with maybe 15- 20 cars infront so dropped a few gears pulled out and went for it, now upto about 90 ish and just doing the long overtake. About half way along the stream of cars there's a gap and about 8 bikes all sitting cruising in the traffic, I pass them without easing off and see several 750 hondas, a 900 kwacker and a 900 honda amongst them. Glance over shoulder reveals a "film" type moment as all the bikes pull out in pursuit ;-) . Now I really start to give it some and the next few miles are a blurr of screaming 2 stroke , bends and gear changes , another quick look reveals only 1 bike still behind , now another straight and LC's pulling 125 on the speedo, but is no match for the following 900 Honda. Fortune smiles and the next few bends are another blurr of screaming 2 stroke and howling Honda , eventualy we got into a town and at a roundabout stopped side-by-side . Visors came up and the smileing eyes said it all , quick shake of hands and we went our seperate ways. Honest you probably had to be there but as I type this it all seems like yesterday .

Best drive ?-
Late 80's early sunday morning 06.30 ish and we are driving down to Goodwood to take part in a tarmac stage rally. We live about an hour away so service crew have driven ahead in van and we are driving the rally cars . Sister and husband infront in a Grp 4 Mk 2 escort , myself in Opel Manta 400. The little roads up over the downs became a huge playground , then sis takes a left and suddenly we're on the estate roads of Goodwood house , much opposite lock fun ensured and we flew past lord Marches house , Mk 2 at about 7000 rpm , Manta behind, twin 48's
sucking for all they're worth. Not sure he was home but like to think that perhaps our exploits helped sow the seeds for the revival .

Over to you guys (and girls )

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