Ridding the Army of Biffs and wasters?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by commzmeanzbombz, Feb 10, 2010.

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  1. Right Arrsers: With reference to the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT IMMINENT thread;

    It seems that every man and his dog wishes to rid the British Armed Forces of "Biffs and wasters".

    My question to you is; how do you define "Biffs and wasters"?

    I am a biff, im a big enough man to admit that. I tore my crucia ligament on Herrick 7, I had a right leg ACL reconstruction, I then tore my hamstring, then got a post op infection and now im currently waiting for an op to remove damaged cartiledge from the same knee.

    Im not an amputee and I wouldnt dare compare myself to one but, i am never going to be able to run properly and I will struggle to do a CFT and carry weight.

    So, in your opinion should I be kicked out? The last time I did unit PT was September 2008. I do my job very well and my SJAR's show this with no reference to my injury.

    So what do you reckon? After 14 years of service with an injury caused by rigours of service am I a Biff/Waster?
  2. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Biff/Waster? No. Of limited use for the remainder of your service? Probably.

    The question is how many people of "limited use" can the services support before the impact is felt across the deploying elements?
  3. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    No offence, but if someone is deemed 'irreparable' in a minimum fitness standard context, is it too much to see that - with a bankrupt country - the 'employer' will seek to replace that person (suitable package offered, obviously) with a fully functional replacement?
  4. No offence taken. The point I am trying to make (Badly) is, sometimes soldiers get injured, and it’s not their fault. We lead a rigorous life and damage occurs to knees/backs etc so by using the term biff or waster it causes more problems with soldiers trying to get back to full fitness. I am an example of this; I rushed my recovery and consequently set my self back by months. If soldiers with health problems see the ranks being culled then they will be terrified to go sick with anything!

    Is it fair that my career should be cut short due to an injury caused by my service? I signed a contract so I should be able to complete my full career with no issues.

    Thankfully so far its not an issue . The opinions on ARRSE just suprise me, no one is ever fat, no one has ever had an injury and been downgraded and everyone wants an Army of 6 footers with perfect healthy bodies.
  5. There will always be 'in the rear with the gear' type jobs to be done, and I'd rather see them done by a biff who wants to serve and does so to a high standard than a waster looking for an easy life.
  6. No - provided said employer provides suitable compensation to said 'irreparable' person for damage/injury received during employment and subsequent loss of employment, prior to getting rid.


    Quis Separabit
    Vestigia Nulla Retrorsum
  7. This is a very difficult subject.
    From one point of view, you are correct in saying that if you receive an injury while serving you should be allowed to serve out your contract.
    However if you were a brickie on a building site and you lost a hand due to the nature of your work there is no way you would be retained.
    So does it boil down to the moral equivalence of how the injury occurred? Service to country equals good injury and should not affect your livelihood, service to a building company equals bad injury and you're out on your ear.
    Fall down the mess steps when pissed and do your ACL in, good or bad injury?
    Not sure I have an answer. I would like to think as an ex serviceman that the military will take care of its own, but how many and at what expense that is the real difficulty?
  8. Capitalism - just like socialism and pregnancy...i.e. you can't be a little of any of them and expect it to work out for you!
  9. Well if we are to believe the figures 25% of the army is unfit for deployment,

    But they are carrying out required rear echelon jobs. So let the cull begin and where does the 20,000 troops come from to replace them in these essential roles, even in these record recruitment times that would be hard pressed to achieve. With it lets do as we did for Options for Change get rid of some of the most experienced guys and girls we have cause they aren’t needed and spend the next 10 years re-learning skills that we lose.

    People are missing the point here the army has been decreased under successive governments since the fall of the wall, now with the requirements on OP’s they are trying to cut it further this wont be a good thing, remember they very rarely do anything that does not benefit them and them alone! with every pay rise food and accommodation goes up, “rob Peter to pay Paul” it would be good to remember that we are Peter and Paul
  10. This is a difficult one.

    We're in a recession, the Forces will probably be undergoing some form of Cull in the near future & we need fit guys to do the Business.

    Agreed that there are many REMF type jobs, that need to be done & could be done by some of the keener guys, regardless of their injuries.

    How do we choose who can stay & who gets the bullet?

    Para Regt do look after some of their more seriously wounded & have done for many years. Those cases are well documented.

    There has to be a limit though. We can't keep every swinging dick,or flapping fanny, who's damaged his or her kneecap, when we can replace them with someone fitter.

    Glad it's not me that has to make the decision.
  11. Sounds like perfect candidates for Unit tailors or Equipment repairers. There's courses run in the Course of Instruction Pam. We employ civvies to do tailoring, but only 2 or 3, for an entire garrison. Also if everytime i broke a buckle on my webbing, it got repaired locally, instead of being binned for a new one. How much money would be saved on stuff overall? (for Biffs and Wasters, read lazy cnuts who got fat being idle not injured, and use bluff injuries to cover up for the fact). How about re-training injured soldiers to RAMC or QARANC, and start building up the military medical facilities again, as the NHS isn't coping
  12. Such a grey and contencious area.

    I wouldn't comment on injuries from current ops, but I can from my last German posting. We had three guys who were so down-graded it was a miracle they could put a uniform on and make it into work. In summary there were:

    Soldier 1
    Skinny, twat, ashmatic to hell. Had 3 inhalers, rattled like a Tic-tac delivery via a square wheeled bike due to medication and coughed and sputtered like a tramp. Strangely, he still made it to the NAAFI bar every Friday lunchtime whilst we did a CO's run, smoked 30 tabs a day and threw a 16lb bowling ball like it wasn't there.

    Soldier 2
    Huge black lad, not in a muscular way. :wink: Had every ailment you could have extracted from the 'Diseases for Afro-Carribeans' book, Couldn't shave, couldn't sweat, couldn't fecking wash, couldn't wear a respirator etc. Didn't do any duties either as the prolonged uniform wearing would bring him out. :x

    Soldier 3
    A Cpl so morbidly obese he had to have nearly all his unifrom specially made. All he ever did was walk (not far), talk and eat. By feck, he ate.

    These sort of people should be discharged, as nothing in their predicament was caused by the forces, they can't be cured and they milk the system for they can. I expect every unit has at least one type of waster above.
  13. How about all permanently down graded/failing to pass fitness tests going? That way you could have cleaned the forces in one foul swoop. This should be for all ranks but I bet the officers won't be as badly affected as the troops will as there will be a clause somewhere!!!
  14. Easy there fella - I would suggest that less officers would go due to a higher level of fitness on average.

    Now, and I await incoming on this, in general officers:

    a) get put under more pressure from the CoC - one I know who failed a BPFA was bullied horrendously by the the whole mess, CO down, until he bucked up his ideas.

    b) have a couple of biscuits at 1000 coffee, not a couple of ginsters at NAAFI break like a lot of soldiers I know.
  15. And lets hope you never get an injury due to service reasons

    There but for the grace of god……………

    Some permanently down graded lads have and do deploy where as there are a selection of perfectly fit admin/welfare cases who pull the admin/welfare card every time they are tasked to go on a driving detail never mind Ops

    That’s OK though because they pull a 9 min PFT