Ridding 2 queers with 1 stone.........

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by PandaLOVE, Aug 29, 2008.

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  1. There's a nice grass area opposite where I live which has a park bench that is popular with walkers of the romantic persuasion who stop to fondle and grope each other from time to time. If you don't believe me I've got pictures. :roll:

    OK, romantic or not I draw the fcuking line when two dinner mashers turn up for a cuddle right there in front of my innocent eyes. I had spent a couple of hours cutting tiles at my garage door, my ears were fcuked from the noise of the cutter and my hair, ears and nostrils were clogged with tile dust as I started to clear up for the day. However when these two fruits turned up with their short haircuts, lilac pullovers and VERY tight jeans I was more than happy to interupt their fun with some more cutting. The poofs soon moved on with that little waddle that only faggots with cavity anuses can do. Turd burglers, not in my street.
  2. You weren't wearing a hard hat and a nail/uitilty pouch-apron and rigger boots were you?

    Did you have a radio, sorry tranny on in the background playing YMCA?

    Just a thought mate....

    Maybe they were drawn to you Panda PMSL :D
  3. Folks in case you never twigged Sparky is quite partial to wearing his ticht kimono around the house while humming some tune from mrs mercury's little boy composition of tunes.

  4. PMSL :clap: Nice one Tiger :D

    Panda walked into that one and just like any handbags at 30 paces you just had to jump in eh? eh? LMAO

    I thought it was gonna be the clip with Housecoats etc from their Coronation Street spoof.

    I hold my hands up to having worn a blue "shirt" and a swinging six in my time, okay and a kimono....

    Blinds... Closed!!!! :D Nice one mate!!!
  5. msr

    msr LE

    You sound like you felt threatened. Clearly your manly, hetero tigerness is not quite what you thought it was...
  6. Nice one Jarrod!!! :clap: :D

    As soon as I saw his post I knew he'd get more abuse than a ginger kid in the orphanage!!! :D

  7. That was funny :D Is that Billy Elliot? Dinny recognise the film.

    No idea about his mate?? Royal Nave-Gay mebbe?? Dunno if they know about fuse's or leeering but I hear they've a Golden rivett or summatt??

    No wonder there are cutbacks for everybody else. Have you seen the price of Gold these days???

    Edited to add; Nasty nasty GWARRRRR reference but bloody funny!!!! :D
  8. My best friend is a GWAR , well thats what every hom.gwarphobe says when called homophobic
  9. You're not from the FAST Show are you Jarrod??

    Ask TIGER-STACKER why he's called TIGER and STACKER pmsl :D

    That'll teach ye to mention Kimono's :clap:
  10. So, who was it who only had one stone?

    Was it you? Or was one of the queers Hitler?
  11. There's one kept in the Albert Hall, apparently....
  12. you fecking love it

    deny all you want you beefer
  13. nuff said here http://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=14cd4faaf82ccb312cd4
  14. Tigerstacker I take it all back mate :D

    Just off to brush up on my Japanese linguistic skills. They're a wee bit out of date and that clip is only 8 n a half minutes long.

    Research Evening :D Cheers buddy!!!!!