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Ricky Martin Gay

Semper_Flexibilis said:
I wonder if the BBC would run a story if I publicaly confirmed I'm a raging hetrosexual?
Don't go hogging the limelight; give Mr. Martin his five minutes of fame. When his astounding bravery, courage and indefatigability in preferring to shag blokes rather than women has been properly marked by a public holiday, a parade through the streets of London, and the placement of his equestrian statue on the vacant plinth in Trafalgar Square, it may be appropriate for your own preferences to be marked.


In todays society ones sexual orientation has gone bananas!
Is it something in the food chain i wonder?
Bent, Strait or Bi ....... Which one are you?
Ill tell you one thing.....This is going to cause havoc with the family tree!


Book Reviewer
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