Ricky Hatton - now hes one of the best....

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Boxingmad, Jun 24, 2007.

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  1. ....after his brilliant win over J L Castillo early this morning. Castillo is a proven Mexico warrior who has twice been in with arguably the game's best - Floyd Mayweather Jr - and the late great Diego Corrales. Although Corrales stopped him in what some would say one of the best fights of all time, he didn't do it the way Hatton did it. A left hook to the liver put Castillo on the deck, and was never gonna beat the count.
    The way in which he did it shows he's up there with boxing's elite. It's a real pleasure to see a nice bloke like Ricky do it. He's down-to-earth and easy going and loves nothing better than a pint & a pie with the lads down his local. He's a warrior in the ring and an absolute gent out of it.

    Well done Ricky!!
  2. Didnt see the fight but saw the highlights on the news, that kidney punch must of caused internal problems. Well done Ricky.... whats next on the agenda :?
  3. He's a great fighter - one of the best, always rated him, having said that I've put him down twice during sparing.

  4. Was that shopping at the SPAR B_T a bit of trolley rage. :wink:
  5. I think it'll be a big show at Madison Square Garden later in the year. Miguel Cotto, the WBA welterweight champion could be the opponent. Cotto has fanatical support from Puerto Rican fans in New York. That and 10,000 screaming Brits would make for an occasion not to be missed. If it happens, I'm def up for that trip.
    If not Cotto, it might be Paulie Malignaggi, the cocky Italian-American from New York who won Hatton's old IBF light-welterweight championship last Friday. He wants Hatton, but i don't think the TV paymasters at HBO will see that as a big 'un - they'd rather have Cotto as he's a massive draw in NYC, and the travelling Brits would be a bonus for them.
    The talk of Floyd Mayweather or Oscar De La Hoya is premature as they would want massive money and the weight difference is too great at the moment. Hatton would be at a severe disadvantage if he went up to welterweight again, he struggled in winning the WBA title at that weight against Luis Collazo in 2006 and Cotto is a bit of a gamble as well, although he's vulnerable himself.

    It's all terribly exciting!!!
  6. I was all set to go but work commitments prevented me.

    Looked a great night as well, more like a Premiership match than boxing.

    Bloody shame!

    Mayweather's uncle hinted at PBF coming out of retirement for the right money but Hatton will have to produce a few more of these performances first.

    At 140lb I reckon Hatton could take Mayweather - above that, not so sure.

    I reckon Shane Mosely will be his next opponent.
  7. Good to see Ricky win. A superb athlete and, from what I've seen and read, a decent bloke with no bovine excrement.

    The punch to the liver/floating ribs that won the fight reminds me of the scene from Rocky Balboa.

    "Good old fashioned blunt-force truama. Horsepower. Heavy duty, cast-iron piledriving punches that'll have to hurt so bad they'll rattle his ancestors."
  8. Watched the fight, Ricky was just superb, however i am looking forward to seeing Joe Calazaghe fight again, he rates to me as one the all time fighters, my vote would go to him for BBC sports personality of the year anyday and just deserved, not saying that Ricky Hatton isnt in that category niether - they are currently the class of British boxing! It p1sses me off how much boxers dont their just deserves credit in the sports industry as I believe its one of the hardest games in the world to train for. I have only had 2 fights in my time as youngster but it made me appreciate what the pro's have to go through. People like this make proud to be British, and the fans in Ceasars palace where going beserk last night, it was awesome, my only regret is was that I wish I there!
  9. Seconded!

    I've never fought, but I've sparred with the gloves on, both boxing and kick-boxing/muay thai. So I respect anyone who fights, amuater or pro.

    Mate of mine went over there to watch it - lucky cnut! :threaten:
  10. And there I was thinking that the fight with Mayweather was all just talk!

    If it's at Madison Square Garden we should have an ARRSE trip.