Ricky Hatton’s cocaine shame

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by carlbcfc, Sep 11, 2010.

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  1. I hate cocaine and the ******* who take it (and the misery they cause to everyone else); including NOWT reporters and Editors.
  2. At least he's laid off the Guiness.
  3. Woop-de-*******-do! So another 'celebrity' takes drugs. Why is anyone shocked at this?
  4. gar


    Who gives a ****!? The shitey adverts he started with that nodding dog must of been a sign of a career nosedive anyway. oh no no no no.............
  5. He applied for his boxing licence recently, not sure if he got it though. The point is he promotes now, hardly setting an example is he.
  6. Who cares? Most of the people I know that work in the city do coke.
  7. It's only a likkle bit of coke. Explains why he speaks like a four year old.
  8. Its a shame for his kids but otherwise who cares? He's rich enough that he'll never have to mug grannys to pay for it and as long as he doesn't drive under the influence of it, its his business if he wants to risk his health for it IMHO.
  9. To use his own words when he was on Ready Steady Cook a few years ago "What do you expect, I get punched in the head for a living"
  10. Strange, I've yet to meet one in 22 years.
  11. If it keeps wayne, coleen & jenny off the front page who cares!
  12. More sanctimonious drivel from the NOTW's 'let's ruin someone's life' team.

    The only good reason for outing Hatton over this would be if he was setting himself up as some
    kind of 'Wholesome Harry' and making money from it.

    But he's never made a secret of his enjoying 'refreshment' of various kinds so here we have a low-life
    betraying him and more low life writing about it for profit.

    Twas ever thus, though.
  13. Not taking the piss, but I can't recall the last time I heard of a coke-head doing serious damage to anyone but themselves. Unless they were driving and hit someone while coked out of their heads. The real junkie untermenchen tend to be heroin/crack users, who will steal, mug etc to fund their pathetic addictions.

    Frankly, as long as someone is only killing themselves, and I don't have to pay for it, they can take as much drugs as they like.
  14. I reckon that is not coke, but pure dried fat his is snorting up looking at the size of him.