Ricky Gervais - "UK full of losers"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OLDBIGHEAD, Jan 3, 2009.

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  1. I agree with you, he is a chubby fat man.
  2. He's absolutely spot on.

    The nation applauds losers, the Government rewards them.
  3. Too bad he's been a left-winger all his life then, or at least to appear popular for his stand-up. His views coming home to roost.

    Love the guy's comedy but he's a complete tosser himself.
  4. Never a truer word said.

    Success is frowned upon in the UK, and the negativity towards success was installed in our education system in the 70's when the do-gooders decreed that it wasn't in the interest of all for some to be better than others.

    The little fat kid that always comes last must never be made to feel inferior by there more dominant and stronger peer's.

  5. I disagree, as do most anthropologists.
    It's not success that we hate, it's the associated snobbery that winds us up. It is an inherently British trait to expect humility and modesty in ALL matters. The greatest of deeds MUST be described as nothing, if mentioned at all.
    We don't like to hear boasting, over-enthusiasm or the like. And we shouldn't, we're British, and as such we should maintain our famous reserve :wink:

    As for Gervais, I find him hilarious. Outside of his stand-up his humour is very much based on winding people up as much as possible. He understands people very well, knows that as a nation we detest boastfulness and so goes out of his way to always have all his awards on display whenever he's collecting a new one!
    It's his sense of humour, and I think there are far too many people who don't realise his intentions and as such don't "get" his humour.

    Althoug I'm sure there are plenty of people who do "get" Gervais, but still find him annoying.
  6. Hardly a new observation. Dunkirk spirit and all that. A snotty disdain for aspiration is as British as bad teeth and pisspoor public transport.
  7. I don't think Americans celebrate success so much as boast about or drool over it. Success tends in any case to be measured only in the crudest terms - big house, big car, yacht. So yes, Americans lust after what money can buy you, and when they've got it they wave it in your face on the end of a blingy stick.

  8. Even more so (apparently) Scandinavian. You can't get above yourself among the Nordics - win a rally, "Good car, good team, I was lucky I didn't........Sven was unlucky because.."
  9. I remember as an early teenager attending the doctor's lectures to get my red Cross First Aid cert. The doctor was a retired Colonel. He said we lived in a rural area but with a large chemical factory and a woodprocessing plant near that . So what about a major fire incident ? Then he was bumping on about walking wounded. Knee injured men who could be splinted up and classified walking wounded as they could walk backwards with supported legs to get out of the zone.

    I remember saying to my dad "What sort of old fart is that then ?"

    "The sort who was in charge of the burns unit at Alamein son. Which is why the ICI will be running a firefighter badge course for your senior scouts now." (I went on that course)

    That story I think is in the spirit of Jeremy Clarkson's father in law. After his funeral Mrs Clarkson asks her widowed mum "What is that medal there ?" "Oh that it is your father's VC dear"

    The British way.
  10. He is still a very unfunny little shite.
  11. Seconded, he makes my teeth itch. Yet another luvvie selling his ass and soul to Hollywood.
  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I'm in the club too. Watching him on the telly is like a group of twenty people all scratching a chalk-board at the same time.
  13. edited because it would hurt alot of feelings
  14. Have a fish and forget your worries.