Rick Steins Christmas Oddesy....WTF

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by spike7451, Dec 17, 2009.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I'm confused....Rick Stein's Christmas Oddesy so far has been about him travelling the Far East......WTF has that got to do with bloody Christmas!?!?!.....Apart from he's useing Turkey in some dishes!

    More dross from the BBC.
  2. I just thought that myself... I put it on and straight away said to the Mrs "Oh look, he's doing Nasi Goreng" (it's her favourite) and she says to me "Yeah, it's a repeat from ages ago". I then heard the clearly more recent voiceover with Rick saying "This would make a good dish for New Year's Day".
    I noticed the turkey references too... in many of the sketches he was making curries with chicken or pork and then that voiceover came on again.... "This would be just great with turkey". :roll:

    Nothing but warmed through TV leftovers. Very, very lazy Rick.
  3. Come on boys where is the adventure?

    Personally we are having Chicken Satay with Fried rice, a nice south east asian salad and coconut ice cream for chrimbo dinner

    the inlaws have refused to attend so there is alway an upside
  4. My thoughts exactly, a complete rehash of his last 'Odyssey' with the odd mention of turkey and some jingle bells occassionally thrown in for Christmas.

    very poor!
  5. You really feel strongly about this don't you, you've even put it on Facebook! :D Told ya, 3 wise men came from the East!
  6. That's great, no-one minds you having an asian Christmas dinner. It's a good idea and one I quite fancy. I get the feeling that you're missing Spike's point though (and I think I have this right)... that it was an old collection of "Odyssey" clips warmed over and dusted with some jingly bells and voiceovers mentioning leftover turkey. And that somehow makes it a christmas programme.

    It's a bit like say, I dunno, the Top Gear Christmas special consisting of old repeated clips from this year with jingle bells playing in the background, with the occasional Clarkson voiceover saying "You could fit 12 turkeys in the boot of that DB9".

    I agree with spike, it's not what we pay our licence fee for. Get Stein off his arse and off up to Lappland with Ray Mears to gut and curry a reindeer or something. That's Christmas!
  7. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Who,Larry,Curley & Mo...?