Rick Rescorla

Done and done. All that and a Trojan too- outstanding.


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Done - thanks for posting Phil.... a true Cornishman !
Larger than life...what an immense chartacter he must have been.
yank_eyetie said:
Is there any possibilty Rick Rescorla can get the George Cross?
According to what I understand from this site :http://www.gc-database.co.uk/decoration.htm
- No, as he wasn't a subject of the UK, Dependent Territories or Commonwealth...
But they ought to give him the other medal - surely serious lobbying by Morgan Stanley should help, shouldn't it?
Job done, its deserved
As a Cornishman, I wrote to Andrew George (MP for St Ives) who was attempting to get recognition for Rick Rescorla. He replied to thank me for my letter & assured me he would continue to press for the award of some decoration or acxknowledgement.


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