Rick Camilleri - RIP

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Under_Stated, Jul 11, 2009.

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  1. Rick Camilleri lost his battle with cancer 10th July after a valiant fight.

    He will be sadly missed by all who knew him.

    Rick, RIP fella....
  2. Oh bugger. We were good mates back in the day when he was a fresh RR Op in 1 Div, remember him getting married to Toni. Lost touch when he joined 264 unfortunately.
    Sad loss, top chap, RIP buddy.
  3. B Troop 264

  4. What a loss... The man was a legend at 1 Div. While everyone else was trying to make their panzers look like Trees, Rick knocked up a frame for his 439? and turned it into a small house!

    My abiding memory of the guy was when I as the Sqn RR Tech had to rip out most of the wiring in his vehicle - 'cos his pet rat had escaped during the middle of a long exercise and chewed it's way through various wires!!

    He is greatly missed..

    RIP Rick
  5. Oh bugger - I'd forgotten about his pet rat! I do remember his house though, and he also produced some 'brown' paint for he RR wagon, which he subtly painted into the pattern - it was ages before any of the seniors spotted it!
  6. Just found this sad news, he will be missed by all who knew him, my thoughts go out to his family and friends. I knew him in 3 Sqn, 1 ADSR where he would leave things artistically balanced all over the place, I swappped my hifi for his bergen which I still have. He was also one of the founding members of the "Quaffing Club".
    It was always a pleasure to lay a line to his wagon and have bizarre conversations and talk cr*p for a while.

    RIP mate.
  7. Greatly saddened by his loss. Good mate from 1 Div. Remember picking him up from the Guardroom on his first day. Loved his sense of humour and outlook. RIP mate.
  8. I am Rick's brother and I would like to thank everyone for the comments that have been made about him.
  9. Just found out about Rick.... gutted!!
    I was also one of the original Quaff Club founders way back..
    We had some fantastic times which I sorely miss.

    RIP Rick
  10. Remember wearing Togas in the Squadron bar with the Quaff Club Motif drawn on in marker pen.
  11. A bloody good mate,remembering him preparing for 264 and hanging peeled bananas to dry in the cellar of 3 Sqn block, energy he said, I was also in the Quaff Club and Rick was a Star! RIP Rick see you again one day!
  12. I'm glad this got bumped
    because I had no idea Rick was no longer with us either. Shocked is a bit of an understatement, I didn't expect to read this about him. Rick was a quiet(ish), friendly, good-natured lad with the most original, oddest-ball sense of humour I've ever witnessed but behind that affable countenance there dwelled a mercurial mind; his brand of humour alone could tell you that.

    It's upsetting, it shouldn't happen to anyone but really not to blokes like Rick. I hadn't seen Rick since I got out all those years ago but I will genuinely miss him and to his brother (couple of posts up) and the rest of Rick's family, my sincerest condolences, I 'only' lost him as a friend..

    God bless you Rick - rest in peace.
  13. I am absolutely devestated to hear that Rick has passed away. I had the pleasure of serving at 1Div with him, 3 Sqn. I was there 83-87 and have many great memories of my time there with Rick.I used to bring him home on leave. One time i went to pick him up to travel back to Verden, he asked me to pick him up from a pub in Birkenhead. When i got there he was two sheets to the wind....never mind i thought i'll get to Walsall to pick Pottsy up and he'll be able to share the driving with me (even though he had no licence), when we got to hiks house i had to pour him in to the back of the car he was so leathered!!!! What a journey back that was!!!

    Then there was the time we had a squadron party, it was a Toga night. The sight of Rick doing the walk of shame the next morning through the camp gates, still dressed in Toga after a heavy night at the Star Club was a sight that will stay with me forever!!!!! What a legend, he is sadly missed. I last saw him around 2003 in B&Q wallasey (how times had changed for the both of us!!) My biggest regret is not exchanging numbers and catching up with him again, the guy was and will always be a LEGEND......
  14. 5 years later I come across this, really saddened to hear about Rick.
    I was in basic training with him in 1984 and 1ADSR was our first posting.
    I remember on one exercise, when everyone else was doing what was necessary, filthy with combat trouser crotch down to the knees, he was in his RRelay panzer, ironing his combats and bulling his boots. His aim only to piss off the SSM when going for breakfast.
    He was one of a kind. RIP fella.
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  15. We were at 1 Div at the same time then - what troop where you (I was in Oscar)

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