Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by RicherSounds, Mar 7, 2006.

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  1. Check out the Richer Sounds website , packed with amazing deals. Once you know what product is required then email bfpo @ or phone 0044 20 7407 9090 to find
    out availability. Prices on the site include VAT however if products are being sent out of the UK via BFPO then prices will be VAT free. Once payment has been received then products
    are sent by courier to the BFPO HQ in Mill Hill, London where they are then despatched on to you.
    You can now arrange for your loved ones back in the UK to pay for the purchase on their credit card and we’ll deliver to your BFPO address. Ideal for birthday presents. We can even add a message of your choice in the parcel upon request.
  2. I've used these for years and can highly recommend them. (No I haven't got shares).

    Please send my free stuff to........... :lol:
  3. Thanks. Spread the word!!!
  4. No problem, however, If I was in charge of internet marketing I would use a spell checker before spelling deliver like that :)
  5. Ditto

    Ditto that too! :D
  6. wat can u do u do? U cantt gett the staaf thesee dayz thatt can spel!!!
  7. Also endorse Richersounds for quality gear - used many times and love the 'return your money after 3 years of no claims' element of Supercare warranty. No catch to this as you might expect - I took it out and claimed it back on a product late last year.

    Now about that discount .......
  8. Discount!!!!! You can have it Vat Free if your outside UK. Customers entering our shops would love to have 17.5% off..... but thanks for the plug.
  9. c'mon richy rich...most people give 10% squaddy discount...besides...the VAT doesn't come out of your pocket...!!!!
  10. Wot no discount!!??

    Take all the above back - service is pish, knowledge of staff is very limited and all kit has had the smoke let out (all electrical stuff runs on smoke - if you let the smoke out it very rarely works again) :wink: :lol:

    Serious note - get some quality hard disk MP3 players on the shelves (Creative Zen 20 GB'ish for instance) at a good price and I guarantee you at least one sale (probably a lot more).
  11. Email me at and I'll see what I can do depending on the product. I'll give you top marks for trying!!!
  12. Ehh Richer sounds, I still have a trusty Marantz seperates "monster" hi fi with gramaphone that is in champagne brown, a little lighter shade than cortina "Turd" brown, In your favour it still works a treat although downgraded to "summerhouse" listening.

    Purchased in Stockport from the dinky wee shop next to the "Little Jack Horner" pub (Sure it was a gay bar?) . All the staff in those days used the same tailor and sales pitch as manc "Ian Beale's" .

    Any chance of a straight 1 for 1? or do I have to wait for the antiques roadshow to visit Imber.....
  13. Straight 1 for 1. Now that sounds like a good deal!!! Sorry but no. You could try contacting the Natural History Museum and they could put it on display with their dinosaurs.
    PS: How did you know that Ian Beale was head of staff training?
  14. I read the company profile, It also appears that Billy Ray Cyrus is in charge of the head shed's "Syrups"


    Have a word........... I take its still a no on the "exchanges" front?
  15. webster. just to verify, without standing on the inevitable trip wire, that is one of your own special pics, ain't it?