Richard Markinko, Sharkman of the Delta.

"The Rogue warrior", Demo Dick Markinko shark man of the Delta, any one else read some of his books.
Alledgedly formed the SEAL teams single handily from the UDT divers.
I read Rogue warrior while on Ex purple star, thought it a bit liberal with the truth but still slightly plausible.

One mans tale from enlisted sailor through till the first CO of the SEAL teams, finishing by being completely fecked over by the system and those hes pished off on his way up the chain.

Walt or Seasoned Sailor.

I've read a few of his books years ago. The first two, 'Rogue Warrior' and 'Red Cell', are not bad. All the ones after them are weak and predictable. I never heard of his walt-ness until now. He came across to me as double hard but of average intelligence.
wikipedia has him down as a andy mcnab character more than a walt .Not being high up in special forces i cant see if his claims are valid or not but i wouldnt want to spill his pint :D

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