Richard Littlejohn tells it like it is

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Jul 11, 2005.

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  1. Not being a avid Sun reader I dont often get the chance to read Richard Littlejohn but articles of his I do read are always spot on, saturdays being no exception. He's got Red Ken and Mr and Mrs Bliar sussed out and seems to see quite clearly the sensible measures that need taking to solve most of our countries problems, I know some people brand him a racist and if you agree with his views then by association you must also be a racist, thats bol-locks, he is a realist and if by agreeing with him it makes me a realist then so be it. The man speaks more sense in his once weekly half page than all of those clowns in the house of commons do in a month, he should run for election next time round.
  2. I agree with you - I had heard that he was going 'back' to some other newspaper (it may have been the Express or Mail) to pursue the same or similar column, but alas the Sun must had upped its offer, or the whole rumour was bollox. Shame though - admittedly was a Sun reader (yer I know), his column and maybe Clarkson on a Saturday (I think) are the only sections missed. Last used being sh*tted on at the bottom of my niece's pet cage.
  3. Ya keeps ya pet niece in a cage. Intresting very intresting.
    Ya deserved that for using the C word.
  4. Trouble with the Media types they think anybody who doesn't see the world in the same way they do must be an arrsehole or facist. Since I started reading Littlejohn (in a layby with a bacon sarnie on the way home from walking the dogs) I have found little to disagree with. Indeed if he posted on this site we would all agree with him.
  5. Would we?
  6. You assuming we're all bigoted right-wing reactionaries too?
  7. Complementing me will get you nowhere.

    I don't think I had ever heard of Littlejohn before I saw him in the Sun. I like what he says and the way that he says it. I'm told that he was once a member of some facist party(BNP, SWP or something equally fuelled on hatred) and that he had some Radio show in London, but I don't know. I do know that the odd time I read his column I haven't seen any attempt to promulgate racist or facist views. If not liking political correctness, the euroburocracy and the hypocracy of our political leaders is bigoted, right wing and reactionary then I put my hands up and plead guilty, and indeed ask for any 50 cases to be taken into account.
  8. Is he still commenting on UK issues from a privately guarded "walled community" in Florida? :wink:

    The guy is a lazy, tub-thumping buffoon.
  9. Aren't we?
  10. There is nothing clever about pandering to prejudice and bigotry. And how f***ing difficult is it to take pot shots at the government of the day? The man is a talentless w@nker, of the highest order.
  11. Yeah, well, a lot of us are. I usually swing between liberal soft git and hardcore fascist at the drop of a hat. But I'm not a politician, just an unimportant squaddie. :D

    Littlejohn, however, sows the poison seed while appearing as approachable as possible. "But some of my best friends are black/gay/muslim/lesbian hermaphroditic one-legged single parent dwarf nuns"

    The man's a nosher.
  12. Oh I dunno, being a leading columnist for the country's most popular paper could always mean he's very popular and is in fact speaking for the majority. We need people who stick two fingers up to Political Correctness.

  13. Do we?

    (I know this is just copying Biscuits AB but I found it amusing.)
  14. Mr Littlejohn is paid around £1 million a year.
  15. You died the other week - I saw your obituary !. BBC page

    They say "Don't speak ill of the dead", and I think the dead should reciprocate by not speaking ill of the living.