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I have always liked RL's approach - forthright and calling a spade a shovel (oops sorry, no offence meant to spades, they are equally prominent in my mind as hearts, clubs and diamonds). But he excelled himself in an article he wrote on 26th July last. Talk about fingering the tw at - excellently done:

"The name's Choudhary

Muslim fanatic Anjem Choudhary has been a recruiting sergeant for Islamic terrorism for more than a decade. I've fronted him up on television a couple of times over the years.

This blood brother of Captain Hook and Omar Bakri is on a never-ending nationwide roadshow, urging young Muslims to join the jihad.
He doesn't only enlist young men to fight against British troops overseas, he advocates Sharia law here, too. His poisonous message permeates mosques and schools all over the country.

Some say Choudhary is cute enough to stay one step ahead of the law, although there seems to be plenty of evidence to put him away for up to 14 years.

He finances his crusade by claiming benefits and encourages other to do the same. But he's 42-years old, able-bodied and qualified as a solicitor, so why the hell are we paying him to be a full-time jihadist?

How does he get away with it? Because he's clever, because the authorities are scared of him?

My instinct is simpler than that. The anti-terrorist boys could feel his collarless shirt any time they felt like it.

Which means there's only one explanation. He's got to be an MI5 double agent."

OUTSTANDING bit of work that, Richard!

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Kind of stating the obvious though. His benefits should be stopped as he is a qualified solicitor and should not find it difficult to get paid work, even amongst his own kind. Who paid for his qualification? The UK taxpayer? So he owes us, then?
I agree, but thats not my point. Have a read at the last sentence again.
This a bit simplistic, even for RL! Surely if this "activist" is everything he is alleged to be, shouldn't the Security Service be down on him? At the very least, I'd have thought they'd have been watching his every move.
Trouble is, the authorities can't make a move without checking every single angle first - annoy some of the minority pressure groups and councils (and I'm not talking about just Islamic organisations), then you'd never hear the end of it. Sadly, it all boils down to politics, regardless of whether your position is right or wrong. It's all who you know and which levers you can pull. :evil:
So Muslim fanatic Anjem Choudhary is an Army Tout.....just like Gerry Adams & Martin McGuinness were/are.
mushroom said:
Adams wasn't!
Are you sure I thought it was both of them. McGuinness was with out a doubt.
Can't stand Littledick, he takes all the credit for others work, only backs 'crusades' against popular issues and thinks he's above everyone else. If anyones watched V for Vendetta then i'm told that the character 'the voice of london' was based on littledick :lol:

As for the issue he's on about, if there's any proof, then the guy should be arrested, but until then what's the point in publicising him, other than to point score in the current issues, the guys a total non entity who will be under surveillance and anyone daft enough to come into contact with him will be checked out.

Also, the bit about 'enough to get 14 years in jail', that's the type of thing that happens in the middle east, he slates them one minute then uses their policies the next.


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Adams was and is.
Double agent my arrse. Littlejohn is an inflammatory, poorly informed, sensationalist hack in the worst traditions of the Daily Mail. The best reason for purposefully keeping an individual like this in the public domain is that he attracts others of his kind and enables the Security Services to trace his contacts. Thanks to high profile individuals like this we can maintain an excellent knowledge of Islamic fundamentalism in this country and prevent them from doing anything.
Littlejohn is a tout for the jihadists - whipping 'em up into a frenzy about the evil infidel meejah.
Choudhary probably isn't an MI5 double agent. But if the seeds of doubt were to be sown in his followers minds, he could be in for an uncomfortable time.

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