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Following on from my question about the Queens, R.Hamps merger I discovered that Richard Holmes was Colonel of the PWRR. I have always had good time for Brig Holmes having first come across him on the "War Walks" series. I have also read a number of his books including Red Coat and Tommy.

I was just wondering if it is very unusual for a TA officer to be appointed Colonel of a Regiment? Was he the most senior officer of the Regiment at the time or was he just very highly regarded by the regiment.


He's 'Honouree' Colonel and therefore more of a figure head of the regiment. Perhaps used as a sounding board and influence for the senior ranks, but holds no real power.
He was Brigadier TA in the days when that was the highest which a (V) commission would take you, and commanded the 3rd Bn before going on to higher things.

His recent book about the PWRR's TELIC tour, Dusty Warriors, is a good read, too. I saw him lecture on The Western Front Revisited about five years ago - even more engaging a character in the flesh than on the box.
He was my CO.

Gets an A++ from me.

Genuinely happy days. - Ex Lionheart with 2 Shock Wessex in '84. Its never been as good since.
Trossachs said:
He was my CO.

Gets an A++ from me.

Genuinely happy days. - Ex Lionheart with 2 Shock Wessex in '84. Its never been as good since.
Just to show that everyone starts somewhere, one of the blokes who encouraged me to do Gravelbellying was a platoon commander alongside him.

He told the tale of a defence exercise (in the days before the TA was trusted with night vision kit) where the Company spent most of the night stood-to, with one of the platoon commanders (Holmes) sending frequent sighting reports of enemy movement to their front...

...of course, the dawn broke to reveal a herd of cows... ;) :)

Emperor to Acolyte "See, youngster with the sharp sight, call in that sighting, the OC will be impressed with your tactical acumen, and the Toms will trust you as a keen-eyed warrior" Mwhahahahaha....
He used to rock up on some weekends. Met him a few times and always found him to be a "bloody nice bloke". Got my fugly mug in the local rag with him as well (it's a shocking picture to).
Having chatted to him on an exercise, he was much enjoying being on the Mortar line and explained that he once was a mortar number 1 and told tales of particularly uncomfortable base plates. Not that they are leather bound, gilded, light weight things now!
Went to one of his talks at a museum last year.

Had a natter, a really nice bloke, much funnier in the flesh than on the box. Knows his stuff too.

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