Richard Feynman

Discussion in 'The Science Forum' started by Dashing_Chap, Jan 22, 2012.

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  1. In keeping with my threads about men and women of science, this time I'll post some info on the great Richard Feynman.

    If I could have a hero from the science community it would probably be this guy, he was nuts. A Nobel Prize winner, theoretical physicist and in his spare time he liked to crack safes and play the bongo drums. Rumour has it that after winning the Nobel Prize he celebrated by going to a strip club. I find him to be an excellent speaker and teacher and his videos come across as friendly and straight talking. For me there's probably no-one more inspiring.

    Richard Feynman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Feynman Online



    Horizon - No Ordinary Genius.

    Project Tuva: Enhanced Video Player Home - Microsoft Research

    Project Tuva - The Messenger Lectures

    The Vega Science Trust - Richard Feynman - Science Videos

    University of Auckland Lecutres.

  2. A few select gems from the vids:

    Scientific Method
  3. Doubt and Uncertainty
  4. On Winning the Nobel Prize
  5. The atheists atheist...brilliant.

    I'm about half way through his lectures and loving them...cheers DC.
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  7. No one has mentioned his pivotal role during the Challenger enquiry when the put a piece of 'O' ring in iced water for a few minutes.
    When he removed it, the 'O' ring material was shown to crumble. Classic Feynman keep it simple. He initially refused to sit on the
    Challenger enquiry as he had been diagnosed with cancer. Did you know his second wife is a Yorkshire lass? They used to come to
    the UK every year to visit her relatives. I personally think it is where he got the idea 'keep it simple' :O)