Richard fcuking Madeley

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by TheLordFlasheart, Mar 16, 2007.

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  1. Is it just me who feels an unhealthy urge to saw his head off each time he opens the cunt hole in the front of his face?

    Lady Flash is unfortunately watching the Cunt and Judy show on Ch4 and I feel a lot of pent up anger I need to release in his direction.

    Why oh why has he been so 'popular' for so long?

    He has no talent, is a shite interviewer and has the personality of a tumor.

    Anyone got a number for an anger management class?
  2. No but i have access to a lot off power tools Flashy lets do the cnut!!!
  3. You can buy just the thing you need flash from Purdey and Sons. They come best in matched pairs although for your purpose just the one will be plenty if you get close enough.! Oh and go for at least Nos 8 Shot.
  4. He's a shoplifting cunt. too
  5. Don't forget the don't want to hurt yourselves. May I suggest an initial period of bludgeoning, to soften him up, with a lump hammer prior to going to work with the toys. Fcuking hate the cnut.
  6. I can't watch the cnut without my blood boiling.

    I recall, some years ago, they found some ancient human remains, in Africa, I think? (like Piltdown man or Lucy?). They described these remains as bearing a very close resemblance to modern man, but with a very small brain.

    My remark to my daughter: "Sounds like Richard Madeley!!".
  7. I was thinking more along the lines of replicating the scene from Pulp Fiction with the gimp, ball gag and 18" strap on. I'd train an Irish Wolf Hound to wear the strap on of course.

    There are only two people on the planet I want to harm. He's one of them.
  8. No medals for guessing t'other.
  9. Oooppss. That posted 3 times. Is it my computer or the site?

    And, having said I can't watch the cnut ..... it's true in another way: my granddaughter bit the chip in my Sky card, so I can't get Channels 4 or 5.
  10. No medals for guessing t'other.
  11. I hates him I does my favourite axe called Eric....
  12. You're not missing anything I can assure you. Unless you particularly wanted to watch the Charlotte Church Show tonight!
  13. Because the channel 4 boss has been banging his daughter since she was 14.