Richard Dannat

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by raggedy, Jul 12, 2008.

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  1. Speculation that Sir Richard Dannat may take early retirement, according to todays Daily Mail, Hmm!
  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    He's not left with much choice - of course, if he doesn't take early retirement, he'll get the full pension, and he might as well put the knife in the gobment while he's there. After all, they put the knife into him enough!

    BTW, call me a pedant, but it's General Sir Richard Dannatt.
  3. Sincere applogies about leaving out his rank, Biped, mea culpa.
  4. I think he was actually on about the missing "t".
  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Off to the Pedant's corner I go, with my pointy hat.
  6. He has stated on ArmyNET that he has NO intention of leaving early, as the soldier's need someone to fight their corner at this difficult time!
  7. :D As the Father of two members of HM Forces It was with deep regret that I read Sir Richard is considering retirement, with this Government is he jumping or being pushed? Although he is Army he speaks for all troops unlike Jock Strap ( think that's his name) who is nothing but a mouth peice for the Government and I believe his nick name should be Cherry Blossom lips on account of the boot licking he does - (Des Browne likes that !!! and Gordon if he ever manages to get out of his bunker will love it )
    If any of you serving sevice persons decides to start a petition to Sir Richard begging him to stay for all your benefit I will willingly sign it as will all my Family.
    Stick with it Doughnut !!!!

  8. There is one about somewhere Johnny!
  9. Spent an hour searching web but can't find one blobmeister - Johnny
  10. This is not such a blow as we suspect, methinks a very useful career in politics awaits the good Sir, although his decency, honesty and integrity may be a handicap.

    Zanu New Liarbour have once more shot themselves in the foot over his disgraceful treatment. He will be back to haunt them.
  11. I really hope not Cad, once drawn into politics, everyone seems to loose most of their common sense and decency. Not through choice but party line. If he leaves, then its more of a coup for liarbour than anyone else.

    The voice has to be in place, not speaking from outside.
  12. I looked for a thread on this subject hoping for some sensible debate and all I found were you idiots pi55ing about with a secret kids game of tit-for-tat. *******.
  13. Letter from Sir Richard in todays Daily Telegraph stating he will not be retiring early and will remain in post until his time is up in the latter half of 2009.
    So, no, he's not retiring early.
  14. I sincerely hope that Sir Richard uses his remaining tenure to put as many noses out of joint as possible - and preferably breaking a few.
  15. I wonder if pressure was applied from downing street to keep him in place!??! (to avoid the bad coverage)

    edited to add, cynical, moi?