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Does anyone know if Rich is alive and kicking and if so where the f**k is he?? I have been trying to contact the old guy for ages now. So if you know where OB1 is please let him know that I am trying to get in touch.
if you r on about the oldest bloke in the corps who smokes more ciggies than its humanly possible, he's still at 1 regt in the families/welfare office
He's still around..........Jesus, I last saw him leaving the gates of Minden in a clapped out old white mercedes heading for the sunset...

4ft man in 6ft skin..........bloody nice bloke though

Did he manage to keep his fave c/s Army Air 666?
Can't knock a man whos bags under his eyes could fit a weeks shopping in them. It is rumoured he is the secret father Xmas. His age could be a give away on that one. He joined when Pontius Pilot was still a groundcrewman, being the first man to use the A2 L2 Broadsword. His first AOP was on Michaelangelo's Kite. Top fella though. Good luck to him.

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