Rich Angove RiP

Gents, heard via Faceache yesterday that Rich passed away over the weekend.

A real character who always made himself the butt of his tall tales; he will be sorely missed, although his moustache may not!
Really shocking news. I bumped into Rich a number of times throughout my career and he always (always) brought a smile to my face. He never seemed to take life too seriously, but underneath this facade was a very intelligent and astute individual. A real character of the Corps. RIP and condolences to his family.
I'd echo all the sentiments in this thread. A top bloke. First time I met him was Bonfire Night 1990 and he'd been promoted to Sgt that day. An absolutely great night out ensued. Always a smile on his face.

From what I heard also, a really shocking and tragic way to go.

RIP mate.
A horrible man with a huge personality and true class. A truly sad loss.
Richie we only met a few times (over quite a few beers) but we clicked. Keep the sand out of your boots on your journey
This is really sad news, Rich was a charming man with a great sense of humour and a big heart. He taught me a thing or two about finding the positives during hard times and about looking out for the team.

Rest in Peace Rich, you will be sorely missed across the Corps.
I was so very sorry to hear this news. Worked with Rich at 1 MI Bde, and they don't come any finer. In between industrial quantities of tea, he would sit at his desk, slowly sipping from a bottle of Lea & Perrins Worcester Sauce. It used to make me laugh. Godspeed good friend.
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