Rice Supports Japans Bid For Perm Security Council Sea

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tomahawk6, Mar 19, 2005.

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  1. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,150806,00.html

    I think Japan would make a great addition to the Security Council and will
    provide a counter point to the PRC. If Japan continues to alter its defense
    policy to move away from homeland defense this will give Japan greater clout in asia.
  2. Ah now we know why Japan has been providing troops for Iran, the Yanks need an ally in Iraqi and against N.Korea and the growing might of China so the Japs name their price and King George delivers.
  3. the mighty japanesse force will be a great asset when the yanks go into iran (freudian slip jon willy ) ran away in cambodia and have some one else to guard them in iraq pointless.
  4. Politics, just playing the game.
    The constitution will be chaged to allow an Army and offensive wars. They have never been considered to be afraid of a fight, just Koiazumi playing local and international politics as all Jap PM have had to do.
    China's spreading its wings claiming all its old traditional homelands, N. Korea suggests it has the Bomb and has fired missiels over Japan our Jap friend will expand its forces. If China has problems over many industrial raw materials Japan is even worse placed, so much cums past China and Japans navy is big and good, well trained.
    I think we live in interesting times.
    john Freudian ah ya had ta bring sex inta the debate
  5. I think it can only do japan good to get a seat on the security council. They are having to adapt to the growing threat of a war in the far east and the rapid expansion of less than friendly countries (PRC and PDRK) and this will give them more power in the region (and of course permit the spams to use jap airspace/airfields should china or Nkorea kick off :D )

    Good luck to them.
  6. They can have a seat on the SC , when they finally pay the compensation due to the Allied Servicemen they brutalised. They can have a seat on the SC , when they compensate the natives of the lands their soldiers raped and robbed.

    They can have a seat on the SC , when they finally apologise.
  7. Well said, sentiments I agree with strongly.
  8. Actually the Imperial Japanese Forces of 1937-45 may have been just the answer to the Iraq situation - after all, there's not much the arabs (or anyone else) could teach them about beheading prisoners and suicide bombing.
  9. point taken