Rice: People will soon thank Bush for what hes done

Discussion in 'US' started by KevinB, Dec 29, 2008.

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  1. "(CNN) -- Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said that despite President Bush's low approval ratings, people will soon "start to thank this president for what he's done.""


    Hmm, let's see - he and his administration did nothing to avert the economic crisis that was obvious to most in late 2007, he started an unnecessary and costly war on false pretenses, he issued hundreds of 'signing statements' - effectively nullifying laws passed by Congress, he subverted the US Constitution via the so-called 'Patriot' Act, Gitmo, torture centres etc. etc. So what shall the citizens thank him for exactly?
  2. All ot the items you mention pale in comparison to the mistake his administration made in giving you a visa and a Green Card.
  3. No, I would say not, David. Besides, don't have a Green Card, yet, though should be getting one shortly. :wink:
  4. I see our resident IRA / SF terrorist supporter is here.

    If Bush was serious about the "War on Terror" your lot would not be allowed to hide in the US.

    Why do not you stand up and tell all your Yank mates how you are an active supporter of terrorism?
  5. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    Give it a rest guys. We all know KevinB's background - he has not exactly made an effort to hide it has he?

    I detest what he has done in the past but he still has the right to post on these boards without others dragging every single thread he posts in off-topic.

    Some would call it stalking.... and most of you are much better people then that so don't make yourselves look foolish.

    If he starts a thread on Irish Republicanism then feel free to vent all you like...
  6. Actually my comments about our resident terrorist supporter are directly in line with this thread. It shows the hypocracy of the Yank government's position on terrorism. Of course it helps that I enjoy reminding all about KevinB's support of IRA / SF and their efforts to murder people like us.

    He does have a right to post on these boards, but does not that right apply to us also? Stalking? Rubbish. He posts I reply. I do not go out of my way to find his posts.

    But if you feel that we should treat him with more respect, well you are a MOD so I must obey, but he is still a terrorist supporting peice of shit.
  7. Why?

    (my bold)

    The only thing that cunt has done for the British Army is raise funds to pay for the rounds fired at us.
  8. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    To be honest I think Rice is probably right, but it will take something to bring the US public into appreciation mode. My guess would be another attack on the US mainland; as soon as that happens everything Bush has said and done will be seen as justified. Then lines like 'like Bush, his policies or hate him, we weren't attacked again after 911' will be trotted out. There was talk of 'blowback' surrounding 911, but can anyone doubt that the last 8 years has solidified resolve of people against America and her allies? In a way I suppose the western politicians are right when they say 'better to fight them over there, than over here'. My bet is as soon as these wars are over, there's a whole heap of trouble brewing. When it strikes Bush will be lionised, with people having the same selective perception as they did around 911.
  9. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    T-M - I haven't asked you to treat him with respect. I've simply asked that people (and it wasn't you specifically) don't answer every post he makes on every subject in the same vein - i.e. by dragging up the "IRA/terrorist supporting scum" lines - unless it's directly relevant to the thread topic.

    Tiddle - because the people who own the board (the COs) and who decide who does and does not have the right to post have not yet decided that he does not have that right. It may have escaped your notice, but you don't have to be a serving member of the British Army to post here....
  10. Bush has been very very bad for the USA, or rather his advisers have been very very bad for the USA. Except that he will shoulder the blame, while they will move onto some other extremely lucrative sleazepot.
  11. KevinB stop sending me private messages.

    I already know you are a terrorist supporter and I do not want your trash in my in box. Messages about how you and your IRA /SF supporting Yank friends love each other are of no interest to me.

    You are a terrorist supporter and I will never answer any of your private messages.

    So re-arrange these words into a well known phrase or saying:

  12. Bush is a retarted fcukwit who tried to finish his old mans work and failed badly!
  13. It's rather notable that Rice and George the Bewildered's slanty-eyed old lady, Laura (her weirdy look caused by her Da pulling down sharply on her shnozz when she was a kid), are actually the only ones at the moment pushing the cause of how George the Bewildered saved mankind.

    He didn't! He's caused more deaths and mangled bodies than any Septic president in the past 150 years!

    This totally arrogant, US-upper-class fückwit, who thought the presidency was entitled to him as of right (remember, this is the guy who intoned publicly that while others were beholden to him to explain themselves, he, personally, saw himself as above that and in no need of explaining anything he did).

    George the Total Fückwit set back the world at least 100 years in its yearning for universal peace

  14. Uh... considering that conflict has been the normal state of humanity since we lived in caves I find the line
    to be hillarious and absurd... especially since there has been no change in the number of conflicts occuring in the world on Bush's watch... just the normal ending of a couple and start of some others that we happened to be involved in.

    Far as the shrub goes... I voted for McCain in 2000 and against Kerry in 2004. There was a better man the first time and the second I had to vote against the assclown who created the baby killer Viet Nam veteran image with his works of fiction. While they certainly were politically tied... the Swift Boat crowd was very accurate in their depiciton of old John's exploits and no veteran here could cast a ballot for that scumbag in good conscience. The Dems should of had 2004... and would of if they put a viable candidate up.

    Anywho... a century from now Bush will be as well remembered as most of the pre 20th century presidents... that is totally forgotten and our adventures in A-stan and Iraq will occupy as much of the history texts as the Phillipines pacification and annexing of Hawaii. That is... a paragraph or two at most. Probably mentioning the 9/11 attacks with a picture then going on to say the United States intervened militarily in sort of obtuse way with no real explanation. Heck... there won't even be a cultural thing ala the 60's as no draft occured and the average citizen here had no connection to either 9/11 or the military in general. In short... all of our effort will be forgotten by most except a few military history buffs. Sad eh? But that's the reality of dirty little wars.
  15. Oh, I think we'll remember Bush the Second for a long, long time. Like we remember Nero, the Sheriff of Nottingham and George Custer. Unless there's worse to come, God forbid.