Rice no longer most powerful woman in the world

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bugsy, Sep 1, 2006.

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  1. Condom-sleezy Rice has been superseded by Angela Merkel as the most powerful woman in the world:


    Mind you, I've never thought much of either of them. Rice only got where she is by never questioning Bush the Berk and giving him regular blow-jobs, and Merkel put me off right from the get-go with her "Downes-syndrome haircut"
    Either way, if these biddies are the best the female world has to offer regarding diplomacy, awareness etc, well.....

    Still, I suppose there's no accounting for taste, said the chimp and bit into the bar of soap.

  2. ... and the adorable spouse of the dear leader of British people?

    Out of the theme. Just has heard on Radio echo of Moscow that polit-technologists in Kremlin plan 'to elect' Valentina Matvienko as Russian president in 2008 (a real power would remain in Putin's hands of course. She was an ambassador in Greece and that time the Greeks bought a lot of Russian anti-aircraft msystems and other weapons, she was a vice PM and now is a mayor in the second largest Russian city St.Petersburg.


    Though it could be rumours. Mrs. Matvienko is Thatcher-type woman. So mr.Putin could be sent far away maybe as ambassador to Lesoto.