Rice names 'outposts of tyranny'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Fuchs66, Jan 19, 2005.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/4186241.stm

    Well at least we now have a confirmation of "the places to be" over the next few years :twisted:

    Can I reserve my place in Cuba be some cracking R and R there :lol:
  2. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    Is Cuba tyrannical or is it that the Americans just don't like Castro?
  3. Hang on, there's a difference between 'bad' and 'what the americans don't like'?

    Edited for Anyarisms
  4. Well lets just thank feck that the yanks have noticed what is going on in zimbabwe. At least now with good old georgie boy (and his 'pit bull' condie) on the case, tony might have the balls to stand up and do something to fix bad old bobby mugabe!

    agent smith
  5. Burma, eh? I'd better warn off my ex-Chindit acquaintance. :lol:

    I suppose if Condie had said "Myanmar", no-one would have known what she was talking about.
  6. Who cares just think cigars, rum, beaches and dusky maidens :lol:
  7. Ahhhhhh yes, those tyrannical dusky maidens - Ooooer 8O

    Absolutely agree , Cuba Libre and Fine cigars must be defined as evil.

    Cuba is a sideshow at best , and Fidel is not going to live forever.

    What planet is this evil cow on?

    'We must rebuild our friendships with our traditional allies'

    No sh*t Condispellingmistake. you think?

    Anyone else see that poll?
  8. Really? What happened to good old a*se kicking George? And what happened to China on this list of baddies then?

    Been to Cuba, most people seemed happy enough if poor but that's mainly because of US sanctions?

    How do you get onto this list anyway? By illegally invading other countries and abusing the population? That's us in the cack then :twisted:
  9. Castro can end US sanctions at any time, by stopping being a Communist tw@thead, having some real elections, and by stopping the "disappearance" of dissidents, which still goes on. But he won't do that, since ironically it's the sanctions which keep him in power, by giving him a convenient scapegoat.
  10. Democracy = 1 man 1 vote? Castro is the man and his vote is final!
  11. Cuba, Damn fine cigars and nice laydees. No chance
    Iran, Middle East Tinder box waiting for the match. No chance
    North Korea, Nuclear Weopans, Borders China. If China supports invasion as Ms Rice did not say they were on the Bad guy list. Possible
    Zimbabwe. Old fart will die first.
    Burma, Possible.
    Belarus to close to russia, No chance

    Pack your Jungle kit lads and reform the chindits. :)

  12. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Damn, I must get some glasses !

    I saw the words 'Rice,' 'outpost' and 'tyranny' and misread it into something to do with getting posted out to one of Flashy's favourite Thai ladyboy camps.

    Maybe I should just have a serious look as to how my brain works......

  13. No. Or am I being even more obtuse than usual?
  14. stoatman,

    that is undoubtedly the single most brilliant summary of all dictatorships, despots, communist enforcment and general nastiness that i have ever read.

    Go to the top of the class :D

    In fact it fits so well that we could swap numerous names for castro and it would still work

    Kim Il Yong (N korea)
    Saddam (Ex Iraq)
    Gaddafi (Libya)
    Arafat (may the worms eat him)
    Mugabe (Zimbabwe)

    See it works