Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Proper_Gander, Oct 28, 2011.

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  1. I think I've bruised them, or had them bruised, by a german in thaibox training who was very generous in dishing out when we were practicing punching and kicking combos.

    this was wednesday night. his kicks were hard and I blocked them alright, though my ribcage seemed to be battered into a new shape. his one left footed kick blew the breath out of me. I couldn't breath for a moment and had to gather myself. wasn't even harder than the other kicks... that must've been the culprit.

    it was a good session though and I recovered since then, except for one spot, which seemed to have got worse since yesterday. it hurts if I take a deep breath, but it's not TOO bad. I can do press ups without much pain, but pushing down doorhandles and stupid things like that are slightly painful.

    obviously I'm out for now, not much I can do about it. I was going to just focus on running until I'm okay for things like thaiboxing again. but how long could I be out for? at which point should I seek a doc to examine it if it get's worse?

    is there any way I can accelerate the healing process?

    should I just harden the **** up?
  2. Soft tissue injuries can take longer to heal than a fracture. Rest, ice. Ibuprofen etc. see GP if worsens or you feel dead.
  3. It could be a cracked/bruised rib, as you stated. There's **** all you can do but rest and take it easy. It will take at least a week of doing **** all.

    Be careful when you sneeze!
  4. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Damn was hoping for a BBQ thread...
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  5. Had a simmilar injury after regular boxing training a few years ago (good punch in the ribs). It took about 7 weeks before I could open doors, sneeze and lift a pint without feeling anything. You'll just have to be patient and as said before, see a GP if the pain gets worse. Other than that, there's nothing really you can do about it.
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  6. ****, the training was going so well lately and an over enthusiastic boxhead ruins everything. we weren't even sparring ffs. I was ready to increase it's intensity.

    is taking painkillers (if needed at all) and running a bad idea?

    yes I learned that the hard way this morning!
  7. 7 weeks!

    I want to attend selection before this year ends... hopefully it'll only be a week...
  8. It'll probably take longer than a week - that'll teach you to use your arms and elbows properly.

    If there's any swelling/bruising take jarrod's advice. Once it feels better keep the injured area warm and you'll heal quicker.

    Should you be using isotonic drinks or protein drinks then for each litre you consume add 2 teaspoons of powdered cement and harden the feck up.

    Stop wearing those girly baggy Muay Thai shorts, ankle wraps and bat wing tracksuits as well - they just make you look stupid.

    Invest in a mankini - they're the outfits of champions.
  9. Yes.

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  10. yeah, learned the hard way. I'm still a beginner...

    hard to tell if there's any swelling as it's just below my pectoralis major.

    protein drinks is for eye-brow plucking metrosexuals.

    I don't need that shit to look stupid.
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  11. Yep. I wouldn't take any unless it helps you relax your posture (preventing you to adopt an unatural one to relief the pain).

    I say it again: be patient and don't try to rush it, or you might make it worse. I've totally fucked up my shoulder at the moment and have to take it easy for a few months. It would have healed the first time in just a few weeks, had I not rushed it....
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  12. a real bummer, I can do without this, I was going to step up the training and could've bombed selection. I've already been to selection and had a good run time, tst, pssr.... but my stamina was shit so struggled at PT... I had shinsplints before so had little time to prepare. there's always something!

    I'll just sit it out for a week and eat healthy / resist going out for the piss with my new found time... then I'll see. who knows, it might heal quickly.
  13. Girls boxing? Whatever next.
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  14. Pray to baby Jesus and it'll be better later today.