RIAT tickets to giveaway - But have to collect from Oxford

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Fat_Cav, Jul 15, 2011.

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  1. I've won a couple of tickets on the local radio station for RIAT 2011 on Sunday.

    But they have to be collected from Oxford today. Of course they'll have to be small donation to Hols4Heroes. :nod:

    Let me know ASAP
  2. 10 ******* letters

    BUMP :)
  3. Shite Shite Shite, Sorry can't mate, got tickets to Carol King and James Tailor, on Sunday, what a bummer
  4. Don't tell Sluggy!!!
  5. Been telling her all week,Opera Bird will Kill me if I f@ck off on Sunday
  6. Hi

    Do you still have the tickets, managed to blag a day off work.