RIAT 2020 Cancelled

Unsurprising considering the world situation.

Next year is RIAT's 50th. Anniversary, hopefully it will go ahead.
Hopefully it will happen in 2021. Not at all surprising but it does drive home, as did my OU Exams getting csancelled for June, that this isn't going to vanish off the horizon anytime soon.

RIAT is one of my favourite events and a rare chance to spend time with my Dad without life getting in the way.


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Morning @Egg on Leggs,
The paragliding World champioship competition was cancelled locally in October '19, due to a political white elephant conference held 50km(as crow...) away. Announced a couple of days ago, cancelled again due to virus.
I'll keep an eye out for an increase in pilot/tandem injuries/deaths.
Sadly there's been a handful in the last few months...but Hey-ho! Died doing what they loved. Up until it all went 'Pete'.


Give it a week or two and they'll defo be on.
Hordes of the Great Handwashed outside of Wetherspoon's demanding their Doom Bar fix.
When I heard that it had been cancelled, I phoned the German member of our gang to let him know. He's stuck in China at the moment!

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At this rate, the UK display teams will have nowhere to display this year. How will the huge ego of a Red Arrows pilot cope with that?
The RIAT hierarchy will all have to put the orders for their new cars on hold.

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