RIAT 2009

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by dhgrainger1, Mar 12, 2009.

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  1. Nato 60th is looking like the main theme for this years festival in July, so who's going? Any of you powder blue's taking aircraft? I'll be leading a "Force Development" exped down, party in the back of a Sea Stallion like last year, fingers crossed!
  2. Thought it was cancelled last year due to the atrocious weather ?
  3. Yes, most definately cancelled. And there was definately no Jaegermeister in the back of that Stallion.
  4. Good job because you'd probably have p1ssed your pants as well as soiled them
  5. I will be there again this year manning the RIAT Brand Tents, and do re-supplies in the golf buggies, 10 days of alcohol fueled fun!!!!
  6. It doesn't feel like five minutes since the 50th in '99. RIAT drained the life force out of me and left me fcuked for the rest of the year. Bed at 04:00 and up at 6 half cut for a day on the pan. Ouch! Good parties though. Never to be repeated alas.