Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Hardfall, Feb 14, 2010.

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  1. Heard that most popular option for future of TA under TA FAS is that 'Hybrid' Regts are the way ahead. This would mean, most likely, the demise of RHQs of TA Regts, and their staff.

    Any thoughts/considered opinion?

  2. what is a Hybrid Regt?
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  7. So what is a Hybrid Regt, this I need to know before I can give any opinion.
    How would this affect the RLC?
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  10. Already been in one, thanks.

    The old "West Midlands Regiment" was a hybrid with RRF, Notts and Derby, LI and Staffords at different company locations, HQ C° in Wolverhampton.

    Did it work? After a fashion, and got better as regimental rivalries became more distant after formation. However, this was still only a regimental size formation, so I guess if 'Hybrid' regiments are larger, they'll need correspondingly more staff to cope.


  11. "A hybrid unit is one where regular and Territorial Army (TA) soldiers serve side by side and are a recent addition to the Army's order of battle. Current examples are 254 Medical Regiment RAMC, 104 Force Support Battalion REME and 4 Regiment RMP, all of which are currently deployed in Afghanistan on Operation HERRICK 11."

    From the REME Journal No 61, which has a a 4 page article asking "ARE HYBRID REME BATTALIONS A SUCCESS?"
  12. Obviously polar69 with the 4394 posts knows everything about anything and no one is allowed to post or have an opinion without his/her permission!! Their first 5 posts were of course beyond reproach.

    Getting past that bxxxxxxs though - the point is that a favoured (rumoured) option for the 'way ahead' on TA Regts is to attach Coys/Sqns to Regular Regts in their Geographical Location. If this comes to pass then RHQs and the Real Estate will be defunct. This has implications for Civilian Staff, NRPS and Regulars working in the RHQ.

    My point is - has anyone else heard a 'whisper' about this and if so; can it really work?
  13. msr

    msr LE

    No and no.

  14. Did you bother to read my post? The REME have had two hybrid battalions since 01 April 2008.

    As to can it work, the punter writing the article seemed to think so. They took 4 locally recruited coys and 6 nationally recruited ones lumped them in together with a couple of regular coys, formed 2 bns and put one under OPCOM of 101 and the other 102 Bde.
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