Rhodesias UDI - Holidays for Heroes


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I have here a very nice framed example of Rhodesia's Unilateral Declaration of Independence.
It is a very misunderstood historic document, not least due to all the propaganda and disinformation put out by those under the influence of the Soviet Union.
I hope this will appeal not only to ex-Rhodies, Zimbos and Saffers, but to all Arrsers, especially those amateur and professional historians amongst us.

This is approximately Large Post size, though the actual measurements are 42 x 57 cms or in gallons that's 16½" x 22½"

The auction will continue until 00h00 Sunday 25 July 2010.

The winning bidder's UDI picture will look like this...

...without 'Arrse Auction' written over it.

Now crack on and dig deep, you know it's for a good cause.


Kit Reviewer
Cheers Rockape, you won't be disappointed.

Anyone else ?
£40 .......................

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