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Discussion in 'Southern Africa' started by otterlygreat, Sep 26, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys, am a member of the RLIRA, and a big supporter, due to family connections.

    I am quite concerned re our chairman, 'Captain' Martyn Hudson.

    I have spoken to the guy several times, and have my doubts about him, for the following reasons.

    1, he talks in a fairy voice, and seems never to have left the UK, from the records found.

    2, He cannot name fellow RLI members, and is reticent about the various commandos.

    3, He claims to have stayed on in the RLI until 1982, as part of an allied handover, the RLI disbanded in 1980, and mugabe would never have had anythign to do with the lads.

    4, He may have collaborated with mugabe, a few did, and then joined the CIO, he may still be in it, gathering info as part of mugabes paranoid fears ethat we are to return and takeover the country again, .

    This guy is not what he seems, info pleas, and delve deeply into your memories, this is important to preserve the memory of the RLI, the greatest infantry uunit ever, and thats a fact.

    And please only post if you have info, this is important to a lot of guys, as Hudson claims are very bad if untrue, which is waht I suspect.
  2. Pararegtom

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    **** OFF!!!
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  3. _Chimurenga_

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    M.A. Hudson served in 3 CDO and was even awarded a Military Forces Commendation (Non-Operational) in 1978.
  4. Ok, so why did he stay on after the war, and help mugabes goverment, he served, but what about the other stuff, heard rumours he was in Alpha group in late 79
  5. :x I can't quite believe what you're writing.....

    I know Martyn well and let me assure you he has served in 3 Cdo seeing a considerable amount of service.

    If you are in the RLIRA then I suggest you pick up the phone and call him to discuss your 'concerns' - I would love to watch him drop you at the subsequent meeting.......
  6. You probably wouldn't have an RLIRA to be a big supporter of if it wasn't for the effort & dedication of Martyn Hudson. Martyn served with distinction in 3 cdo ...........so stop the bullsh*t.
  7. to the hole if you please...looks like otterly is starting to talk to himself......

    Go and get a life somewhere else as you are starting to become a Male Chubb walt...
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  8. I dont think this turned out the way the orignal poster hoped. Or maybe it did?
  9. A question of engage brain before opening mouth?

    Perhaps if he looks at page 219 in Alex Bindas the Siants he will see captain Hudsons picture on his wedding day when he was a WO.
  10. Just came across this Bullshit mail"
    Martyn Hudson is a %100 guy.
  11. I cannot believe that such a lunatic of a person is posting such crap on any site about Martyn Hudson's cedability.
    Within the RLI, Martyn Hudson served in 3 CDO as a Warrant Officer Class II and was awarded a Military Forces Commendation (Non-Operational) in 1978.

    When the re-dedication of the Trooper statue was undertaken at Hatfield House in Hertfordshire a few years ago, I talked to Martyn while he was in hospital recovering from an operation and he actually came out of hospital to attend that important weekend in the RLIA's history. He actually arrived at the hotel while the Annual General Meeting of the Association was taking place and he got a rousing cheer for doing so. Lt Col Charlie Aust was there along with the late Lt Col. Ron Reid-Daly.

    Martyn currently serves as Europe Branch Chairman of the RLIA has gone to great trouble in helping to set up the excellent RLIA Museum at the RAFA Club in Bedford.

    The best advice that I can give you is for you to hand in your resignation to the RLIA (I don't understand on what basis you have obtained membership in any case) with immediate effect and get a life because you do not belong in our Association
    when you have the affront to challenge Martyn's credentials.


  12. Best you read Chris Cocks 'Fireforce' and see the picture of Martyn along with other SNCOs in 3 Commando 1 RLI. On a personal note, as a member of the RLIA I have always found Martyn to be a man of highest principles, friendly, helpful, and one of the most unassuming people I've ever had the privilage to know. If you ever get to the collection at Bedford RAFA look out for the UDR plaque I donated to them, I am privilaged to be treated as an equal by all former members of the RLI, after your comments can you say the same!!!
  13. I am amazed that someone can write this crap about Martyn, he and I joined 3 Commando the same year 1973
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  14. Is that one of those famous "bloke on the interweb" quoteables, or do you have a photo or two?

    With Sarf Effrika in mind I recall a story Louis Awerbuck told me: Louis was doing the rounds of the Shot Show and went to visit one of the major manufacturers stands joining a gathered crowd listening to one of the company reps telling stories. What interested Louis was that the speaker had a Sarfie accent, and Louis only being around 5'6" tall was easily hidden by the crowd.

    The storyteller went on to tell of a dangerous mission into Angola where he more or less single-handedly defeated an entire regiment suffering a severe panga strike to his arm, cutting it deeply - he showed the scar. Anyway, by this time Louis had weedled his way to the front of the crowd and recognized the speaker. "You lying bastard, you got that after a night on the piss sneaking back into camp and getting caught on the barbed wire"............that was actually the truth.
  15. Did he get his legs blown up by the ntombezaans there? Waltfinder General has decreed that walting is legit if it leads to hot monkey sex.