Rhodesia medal on ebay

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by actiontoday, Dec 24, 2007.

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  1. 24310137 LCPL K R Sheppard R Signals

  2. I take it you're selling it and looking for publicity?
  3. Of course not. I'm hoping maybe someone knows the original owner and can check that he's a happy bunny that it's on ebay.
    I was on ebay looking for a replacement medal for a pal who lost his years back and stumbled across this one.
    Drama over people..move along
  4. Many ex-soldiers sell their medals and they sometimes end up on ebay. Why doesn't your friend get a replacement from the medals office? At least he'll get a real one.
  5. The originals did not have name rank or number on. Believe me.
  6. That seems very strange for a British campaign medal.
  7. They went awol more that 20 years ago- no police report of theft or insurance claim made. No biggy on that front- was just browsing through interest to see the cost of a decent replacement.
    Many ex soldiers sell their medals yes, and it can sometimes be a red flag-an indicator of welfare issues that can be addressed by their regimental associations and other groups and individuals
    eg Selling your medals mate?? You ok? etc etc
  8. I tell you now there were not two thousand five hundred medals issued!
  9. There were plenty of things about the Rhodesian fiasco that were strange believe me. And there were only 1300 of us top whack. But it is staybrite. Unlike the GSM thingy.
  10. Obviously the medal office being mongs as usual.
  11. Sorry guys - I am wrong about this. Just got mine out. Yes it is engraved. I never noticed it before. Wrong rank on mine of course......................... If anybody wants one they can have mine. To think we put that fecker Mugabe in power makes me sick to my stomach. Apologies to FSJ. Happy Christmas. And stag on. :)
  12. fucking observant bloke! 8O

    Yes, send me your medal. I'll sell it back to you on ebay! :D
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  13. I only got mine on the day I left. And I felt so ashamed of it I have never looked at the thing in 27 years. It is still not mounted. But yes. Marks away there for observation. And the wrong rank? Jeeeeeeeesus. :)
  14. OMG: I have just looked on ebay and the bid is - wait for it - £350.00. Come the New Year mine is going in. Percentage to the arrse charity.
  15. If it makes you feel better, both of my medals so far have had the wrong rank on them - in fact a rank that has been obsolete for nigh on 14 years! Then again, last time I got them mounted, the bloke said that they'd be pretty valuable just for the mistakes and unusual units...