Rhodes Boyson Has Karked It


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Sir Rhodes Boyson dies aged 87 | Politics | guardian.co.uk

I was never a fan (for reasons far to numerous and complex to go into).

Needless to say, I'm slightly miffed that he's not aflame; as that doesn't give me an opportunity to refuse to urinate upon him.

Still the numbers are reducing until the wicked witch of the east midlands gets her cummupance.

And she wasn't the greatest thing since sliced pan. Had you actually been there you would have known that.
As a constituency MP he was alright....he jacked in a ministerial gig ( in education ) cos he felt he wasn't spending too much time in the ministry. He had more principles than 90% of the current incumbents ( tbf, so does a bag of shite, but that's another thread ).
Ali G interviews Sir Rhodes Boyson some amusing moments.
Rest in peace Rhodes
You old school scrote
Who once hitched a ride
In Maggie's boat
For traditional schooling
And that
You were window dressing
And that was that!

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