Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Shrimper787, Apr 19, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone believe that RHIP should play a part in the allocation of a Quarter - or not? After finally getting to WO2 I have been allocated a s**t quarter in Uxbridge. The area is s**t too. I am so tempted to turn it down but feel it might come back to haunt me (when they offer me something even worse)!!!
  2. Its not so much RHIP as common sense. Assuming you are on about rabbit hutch not big enough for you, your tribe and X no of years kit. On top of that how relaxed will yr JNCO lads (and lassies) be when they realise the badge man lives next door.

    If its merely the state of accom at the moment you have my sympathies!

    Sure there must be someone out there knows the regs on turning down a MQ (and possible fall out)
  3. My sympathies. This just shows the level of recognition that our government gives to its soldiers. Why not go on the dole, wear a shiney tracksuit and go down to the council, they will probably offer you something better.
  4. It is Rubbish! I was a SSgt for 2 years before being posted to Fally last year. I know the MQ situation here is bad, but putting me into a block of flats full of juniors and straight away making me block senior was a big coincidence to me. It happens to a lot more SNCO's here we think. There are soldiers turning down the oportunity of promotion here as they are more than happy with their lot. They get paid a few £'s a day less than us, get it bumped up by the Tax Credits and live in the same sh@t holes as us. What have they got to aspire to? When I was a young soldier the seniors had a choice of were to live, not told to "take it or leave it!"

    I am on the verge of Leaving it Thank you, pension or not!
  5. If it is a sh1thole, you should pay next to nothing for it.
    I know that this doesnt make it any better but you should check the grade you'll be paying.
    There are certain units/garrisons that have SNCO's/WO's patches but these are becoming increasingly uncommon.
    You can turn them down but I believe they only have to offer you 2 before they say fine you're getting f*ck all.
  6. Unfortunately they know theyve got us by the bollocks especially with pensions coming in the next few years. The Sgt's Mess is full of lads in our position who would love to have their families close by with the amount of tours so they can see their families regularly whilst in barracks. They cant do this because of the sh*t state of MQ they were going to be allocated so spend hours commuting at weekends. It seems the longer you've been in and the higher you go the less you get.
    I know a few Cpl's who have said similar things- Why get promoted, with pay cut 2000 I'll be worst off!!!!! and get more responsibility- I dont blame them really

    Roll on 2010.
  7. You can turn a married quarter down but you need a good reason. Be careful because if there are no others available they might stick you away from where you work. If you do accept a quarter elsewhere, if a better one becomes available in the original location you're not entitled to claim service funding for removals or disturbance allowance.

    Heidtheba is right. If the house is quite bad at least you won't be paying much. I think under current regulations concerning allocation of quarters it doesn't matter whether you're a private or a wo1. The only factors are the number of kids you have.

    I used to live next to the unit RSM, couldn't have many loud arguments though!!! It was quiet strange looking out of the bedroom window and seeing him out there sunbathing :(
  8. Unfortunately or fortunately for others the days of housed by rank/status are gone. There is now a thinking of housing by need over rank so if you are a married full screw with 2 kids you will get a house that you need and if you are a married WO2 with no kids you will get a top floor flat. It works for most and i think rightly so why shouldnt our subordinates live in and amongst us. Failing that you can always get your own place and pay for it yourself ther is always a choice.....
  9. That is the way it is going & yep a family with so many LoA additions need the space. But they pay for it no matter what the rank. I 'am a bit confused as to why I know of a couple with no kids in a 4 bedroom & then near by the family with 4 kids & 3 bedrooms. But the biggest rip off, must be the UKBC staff, teachers, SSAFA etc. Given officer status, free accommodation & tax free pay and have access to the cheap fuel, fags, booze etc :evil:
  10. UKBC in a 4 bedroom house with no ankle biters, fair, no but it is in their contract I believe. They are not Mil and have been contracted in under certain conditions.

    DHE putting squaddies irrespective of rank into poorly maintained, about to be demolished qtrs. Moving them round like pawns while the decent qtrs are "empty" for the required time to push them onto the civvy market via Annington Homes now that's a different matter.

    Not bothered what rank you are you should still be able to get a decent qtr if one is available.