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After last week's debate on the site on the stopping power of various small arms, I wondered what Johnny Ghurka used to zap the white rhino in Kenya recently? (see Guardian website). Would it have been a few mags from the trusty SA80A2 bundook, or a traditional khukri charge?


Rhino are allegedly surprisingly easy to kill cleanly with an average rifle chambered for dangerous game - no need for a .600NE.
Mm I'll have to take your word for that George I on the other hand aren't trusting stopping a 1 ton beastie to a round that doesnt stop a man!!


When I said 'average', I meant an average big game calibre: a .470NE would be ideal. There are lots of accounts of .303s being used to bring down rhino and elephant. Firing a 5.56mm at a stroppy and determined rhino would be like shooting a BB gun at a freight train........
Unlees you a bisley marksman and manage to shoot him in the eye!!

Me being a gunner (well recently ex one!) i would have to go for the 105mm area weapon option! Plays havoc with the hide for display purposes though.

as for .303 i have read all wilbur smiths books!!


I thought you might opt for the 105mm option, but as you say, it would leave little of the potential trophy to occupy pride of place in your home.....
yeah but thats the challenge beats trying to try and fire 7's in the sky using illum at Otterburn or SPTA
naw you just need to work out speed, direction and allow for time of flight! fortunately I'm guessing rhinos aren't too well up to speed on the adjustment rules so one behind and one in front shouldnt be a problem!!


I'd love to see you try, but I think I'd have more luck with a double rifle. Your option has far more comic value though....
How about resurrecting an FH70 and using 155mm?
if you use a dummy AT round it would be fun to see if you
could turn the Rhino inside out!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well if we could find one near the sea we could use naval gunfire with concrete practice rounds! highter rate of fire and lbut bigger beaten zone on the ground.

downside we would need to borrow a destroyer!!!
we want to shoot it not treat it to a 5 course meal gremlin!!

however taking a rhino out in the city of london for a few beers does appeal!

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