Rhine Army Beer Fest at Norfolk Tank Museum, 22nd-23rd July 2017

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by viking63, Dec 29, 2016.

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  1. A Rhine Army beer fest to remember the good old days of BAOR/BFG, when you used to go down town drink your own bodyweight in beer, get back to the unit for 6am, breakfast by 7am parade by 8pm and still do another days hard work before you did it all again the next night, we are more moderate these days, but still like a pint or 2!
    BAOR/BFG equipment, such as Chieftain, Centurion, Centurion AVRE, Saracen, 432, Saladin, Stalwart, Sultan and Scorpion, laid on by the museum, backed up by anything we can bring along, There will be German beer tents, and other German food stalls selling Bratwursts, Currywursts, Fikkadelle,s Etc and a Dance night in a barn, with BAOR/BFG era music, if it goes well it could be a yearly event. 500 Tickets are available for the first year, growing to 800 tickets in year 2 if first year is successful, If you would like to go then put your requirement for tickets on the event poll at the link at bottom of this page.
    Tickets will be £30 per person

    12am start with the party in the barn/Marquee kicking off around 7pm-8pm with an overnight camp over/ or B and B/Hotel, berths for motorhomes caravans are available on the registered camp site but at camp site rates. Oktoberfest.jpg

    If you want to set up a stall or bring a Vehicle up to Ferret size, then please message me on 07533 430905 FAO Paul

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  2. Looks very good indeed, but your barmaids in dirndls need to be able to carry at least 7 steins each, it does need to be realistic you know.
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  3. They are currently under training at a Secret Location in Berlin to protect the innocent, lol
  4. No Cold War warriors should take these tickets. They've had their fair share of drinking themselves nearly to death with no thought for their own safety in their heroic struggle to hold back the soviet invaders.

    Only those that haven't lived and served through the hell and deprivations of the Cold War should be allowed to attend. They weren't there man.

    Plus, think of 500 CWWs all pissed and vomity, weeping and wailing into their pilsner und bratty mitt mayo und pommes over a rusty old wombat or the sea of oil leaking from a knackered chieftain.

    Give the tickets to today's warriors... it's for the best.
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  5. Damn it - just stopped drinking :(
  6. Will Wolfgang's coffin be dug up and brought over?
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  7. Will there be a quiet little corner for liar dice games/fights ?
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  8. Will there be Nurses?
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  9. Sorry, bus has broken down on the autobahn near Bad Eilsen.
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  10. Mind you, we do have a replacement:
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  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Send grey mafia a ticket and there will be
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  12. Piss off!!!
  13. Sad thing is I saw them whilst based in Obernkirchen.
  14. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    You'll all find yourselves back in green and posted to Poland to defend against the New Warsaw Pact.

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