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In the photo-fit design-a-uniform-from-bits-of-these-regiments-competition that went on during the formation of the Royal Regiment of Scotland, it was decided that the barrack dress shirt should be the RHF pattern shirt. Can anyone enlighten me on what it is like, where you can get it, and whether, as a pal suggested, you could get get away with an d Argylls shirt and no-one would know?

PS. The Rangers/Celtic top gags have already been done.


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Try Partick Thistle then - at least they play at Maryhill (old pre-RHF stamping ground - in more ways than one)
The shirt is light blue - a very similar shade to the AAC beret - and quite heavyweight. Very smart, although always seemed to draw RAF-orientated jibes from jealous peers in English regiments.

I don't think you could get away with an A&SH one - its more like a grey I believe. The 1RHF (2 SCOTS) Regimental PRI shop supplies all Offrs / WOs through a contract which was most recently in the hands of the Episkopi garrison tailors - either Sidiq or Asif.

Try the 1RHF PRI shop on the phone or drop by Sauchiehall Street - the Regimental Secretary Maj W S would be happy to sort you out -and since I guess you're not a new subbie you'll be spared the customary punch in the stomach. You could also buy a shirt online from the regimental website.

I also seem to remember that Stephans Shirts of Fulham are part of the Asif fine tailoring empire (cunningly disguised as a shabby nissen hut in Salamanca Barracks staffed by over-worked indian tailors paid with a pittance and a sharp tongue) so they should be able to knock you one up as well. Their contact details are:

95 Moore Park Road
Fulham, London
0207 731 5008

Charlie_Cong said:
I don't think you could get away with an A&SH one - its more like a grey I believe.
That's the new ones the PRI were pushing because they could get them cheaper, the original ones were blue and looked a hell of a lot smarter.
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