rheumatoid arthritis

Hi Everyone

I am a common wealth member from South Africa that wants to join the British Army. Problem is I have been diagnosed with RA, I use 1 tab of plasmoquine every day and 6 tabs of methotrexate a week. I do weights and I am pretty fit but I don't know if I will be disqualified because of the disease. I wanted to be Infantry but I am a IT specialist so working behind the scenes will also work for me, I just want to learn discipline and how to become a real man and I think the Army is the best way forward for me. I would of joined the South African army but because I am white I am not allowed.

Any thoughts from you guys out there?
Well, RA is a chronic, multi system, autoimmune disorder that is also progressive - ie it gets worse. Methotrexate is an unpleasant medication too. To join the forces, you have to be in good health (though some may look around and wonder!). I think you will fins that it'll prevent you from joining, but someone with access to the medical criteria will give you a better answer i am sure.

Though this could be a mega Wah...
It's also terminal as well!!
What? What?! Because you're WHITE you're NOT ALLOWED to join SADF?!

Someone's telling porkies...

;) Now, it's a different matter if you'd rather not join the SADF!
Ha Ha Ha you guys really don't have a clue how bad it is to live in South Africa if you are white these days, not just the army but every other sector needs to conform to BEE otherwise they are fined or closed down !!


Go check on Google what "Black Economic Empowerment" is basically means that company needs to be % black owned otherwise they cant get finance nor can they sell to other companies or to government.


Our interest rate has been hiked up again yesterday so being white and not having the option to look for a new job, any management position or starting your own company really sucks ass.

Can you guys get me into the UK, go check the below site on how whites are being whiped out on this side


So much for Democracy right.

Cheers my friends
Actually, I do have some idea of what it's like to be a white man in SA these days, and I am fully aware that it's unpleasant.

I was having a giggle at your expense, and I do apologise.

I wish you all the best for the future, and I hope that RA is not a bar for entry into HMF for you. If it is for the British Army, why not look at the RAF/RN as well, at least you'd be out of SA, mate.
Ha Ha no stress my friend :) I can most certainly give it a try. Is there guys that recruit SA guys from the UK, I work in IT actually I am a Storage specialist.
Frogman said:
Ha Ha no stress my friend :) I can most certainly give it a try. Is there guys that recruit SA guys from the UK, I work in IT actually I am a Storage specialist.
You stack shelves for Tescos in reality.
Check this happened this week

'It's such a brutal story'
07/12/2007 07:20 - (SA)

# Zim men up for brutal attack
# 'We are an evil nation'
# 'I'd rather have bled to death'
# 'I'd rather have bled to death'
# Robbers cut off mom's fingers
# Robbers cut off mom's fingers
# 'There is no God to help you'

Marietie Louw-Carstens, Beeld

Mookgopong - Blood-spattered carpets and pillows, the twisted frame of a pair of spectacles and glass from a shattered watch.

These were the signs of a vicious attack at the home of Theuns Janse van Rensburg, 72, and his wife, Hettie, 70, in Mookgopong on Sunday night.

Four of Hettie's fingers were hacked off and she hid in the main bedroom's en-suite bathroom while one of the attackers lay next to her bleeding husband on their bed, watching television.

Theuns had been so badly assaulted with a panga that he had lost consciousness.

Their son, Theuns, who also lives in the town, walked Beeld's reporter through the house and said: "It's such a brutal story. It looked as if an ox had been slaughtered in the bathroom."

Two arrested for break-in

The hands of his father's broken wristwatch indicated that the attack must have happened about 19:00.

They plundered the house and left only about 04:00.

Two illegal Zimbabwean immigrants were arrested on Tuesday night when they tried to break into a house in the same street, just seven houses away from the Janse van Rensburgs' home.

The two men were employed by Janse van Rensburg in his gardening service.

The resident who arrested them found Janse van Rensburg's video machine, Afrikaans CDs and a knife on one of the men.

The man apparently also had Hettie's handbag with her identity book on him. Other household goods, including food, were allegedly found on the men.

The men have been held in the local police cells since their arrest.

They were scheduled to appear in court on charges of housebreaking and attempted murder, among other things, on Thursday.

But police said they were still questioning the men and were due to appear in court on Friday.

About 30 people from the town and farmers from the surrounding area gathered at the court early on Thursday wanting to see what the suspects looked like.

Cops want reinforcements

Beeld heard that the police investigating team did not want to allow the two suspects to appear before they had arranged for reinforcements "to control" people at the court.

Upset residents said it appeared as if police wanted to protect the suspects from them.

"What protection did Hettie have when they cut her fingers off?" asked one farmer.

Our Police is protecting these guys !!

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