Rheinsahlen/Reinsehlen Camp SLTA

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by 105AVRE, Jun 13, 2007.

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  1. Sad though it may seem, me and a mate of mine (in the pic) actually went up there last week for a look round! 8O



    And here's the 'Tank Bridge'........................not!!! 8O

  2. Only thing missing is Mercedes Mary, who used to cruise at night down that long stretch of road outside the camp.A place that seemed utterly deserted until she started to flash those Merc headlights,and like true WW1 soldiers, dozen of squaddies could be seen crawling out the trenches on both side.
  3. Memories of Soltau,Priceless ...Camp Vogelsang is quite impressive as well.
  4. My goodness, the same dump our Commanding Officer left OC Recce Platoon behind in at ENDEX with a mine detector to find an SMG he lost during the Bn FTX!

    He was told not to return without it!

    We did not see him back at Osnabruck for weeks!

    My, how it has changed since the 1980s.
  5. That looks like a definite stop on the BAOR trip next year.
  6. my offer on the fally military museum also still stands...
  7. I'm surprised 8O that no one has said anything like..............................'Has anybody found the tunnel that connected SLTA to B-H Ranges'!!! :roll:
  8. As a kid I lived in one of the 4 quarters attached to the camp between 1970-73. I can remember the house shaking during night firing and the same when a multitude of tanks/432s arrived one evening.
    Had a great time wandering round, found thousands of rounds of discarded 7.62 blanks pushed down rabbit holes etc. Even had the Bomb Disposal people from Hohne?? coming into Soltau school as we had bought some of our "finds" to the school. The house was huge and the garden was about 1600 square meters, the 7th Armoured Brigade Signal troop once had their summer ball in the garden and the chefs barbecued a whole big for the event.
    I keep meaning to go back but haven't had the time.
  9. Dunno about the tunnel, but we dug a fecking big hole, had to be lowered down by using tow rope, why well boredom does strange things. How it never collapsed i dont know.

    Bet theirs some stuff buried there for you to find Pup :)
  10. Err, were you RH by any chance and did this happen in 1977/78?
  11. For God's sake dont scratch the surface though.... I shudder to think how many Chieftain/Chally pack changes i did there and just let the old oil gush into the deck! we lived in enlightened times you see!! LOL........
  12. Our D Sqn 'Fitter' dug a girt big hole in 'Bivi 12', unfortunately this one did colapse and buried a 'Winnet' for a few hours! 8O ISTR they managed to get a respirator on him with a load of those NBC hoses joined up and then connected the lot to a 432 NBC pack and kept him alive with forced air! The German fire brigade rescued him in the end....................PE4rocks comment!!! :roll:
  13. When the 'Brits' came to hand the area back, the 'Greenies' tried their dammedest to find contamination out on the area. Apparently they had holes drilled down to either 100m or 100ft to find oily samples, but they came up with nothing. However S54 did come across some bits & pieces that the area cleaning parties missed :roll:
  14. (QUOTE) Gallahad

    ..Camp Vogelsang is quite impressive as well.

    Did my Full screw course there in 93, bloody place and all those Fcuking
    steps to the slophaus.. :roll:

    When we did the abseil from the tower, you could still see the distinct outline
    of the Eagle grown into the hillside by the planted trees decades before.

    By all accounts Voglesang was a "Breeding Centre" for the perfect Blue eyed
    6 footer germanic specimens to carry on Hitler's Thousand Year Reich.

    Was quite an eerie place really, a relic from the distant past.

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